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  1. KwikFiVo

    Steering wheel assortment

    PM Sent on #9. Thank you, Bob
  2. Hi, I am just checking to see if anyone has one of these. Condition is not critical, it just needs to be functional. Thank you, Bob
  3. KwikFiVo

    Suspension Upgrade Parts

    I was able to source shocks and springs!! Anything else that would help build a good street suspension I will consider. Thank you, Bob
  4. KwikFiVo

    Suspension Upgrade Parts

    Hi, I am looking for a full set of Bilsteins, IE Stage 1 springs, sway bars, and anything else. I am in MN, but would gladly pay shipping for the right parts. Thank you, Bob
  5. KwikFiVo

    Bilstein Front Shocks

    Hi, Are these Sport or HD? Thank you, Bob
  6. KwikFiVo

    1974 to 1976 Front and Rear Bumpers

    Thank you to everyone that reached out!! I found what I needed within a day. -Bob
  7. Hi, Does anyone have a complete set of bumpers for a 1975? I am looking for all of the mounting components (shock absorbers, brackets, anything else). I am in Minnesota; local would be great, but I expect that these will need to be shipped. Thank you, Bob
  8. KwikFiVo


    How do these compare to stock spring rates?