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  1. 1974. LMK if interested. will get you more and detailed pics as u need. easier for me if you text. I got a farm and need to get off this computer....work to do...I'm in Maryland. Pete 301-928-6199.
  2. Got this. from a '74 02. Pete
  3. ok. I have what u need. No nose pic. tomorrow..... Pete
  4. if still looking. I have a 74 with the panel you need. is my parts car. my 75 is my driver. didn't have a rear shot. can get to you tomorrow. it's in great shape, no dents. Pete
  5. Except for that MIA 1" riser, these in vvg condition. Wouldn't be difficult to make look correct. Nobody see a thing while u rolling down road anyway. I get it, it's chipped... Add for paypal and shipping. text your zip if interested to 301-928-6199. I get those #s to you. Pete
  6. didn't get that pm on cell. got ur zip. will get u $#s shipping, paypal. text again pls, easier. 301-928-6199. pete
  7. Good condition. $75 for the set. Add for shipping (*I use US Postal Priority) & paypal. I'll let you know exact amount. Use paypal account at TacBuddy.com / [email protected] If interested, text for any follow up u need. Text me your zip so can advise of shipping unless u not worried about that. Will get your full address from paypal transaction. #301-928-6199. Pete
  8. is $40+$9.99(priority shipping)+$1.50 (paypal) = $51.49 once I get paypal, can put in mail Monday. I'll send tracking #. text me, easier, 301928-6199.
  9. Paypal, yes. via other business. see TacBuddy.com (email is: [email protected]). will get shipping expenses for you asap.
  10. $300 dashboard. pretty good shape for 3. Add for paypal & US Postal Shipping. Text if need ask question or whatever. Is from a '74 BMW 2002. cell 301-928-6199. Pete
  11. FYI: That's $40 per pair of lights. two sets here. sorry, probably confused everybody.
  12. Add for shipping & PayPal. I use U.S. Postal. Any one item $40. Or all for reasonable offer. If texting faster better preferred, 301-928-6199. Pete
  13. My sending unit went bad. Either the fine mesh screen at bottom of unit clogged with rust or something internal stopped working. TBD once I get a proper diagram to rebuild it. Been driving car 15 years. There are 2-3 dents on gas tank that were there when I purchased. The unit from my parts car was in much better condition so I swapped it. Started right up.
  14. Slight rust at aft end edge where trim meets lid. Last pic shows that. easy repair. Add for shipping and paypal fees. text if need. 301-928-6199. Pete

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