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  1. No camber plates as far as I know. These are the same tyres that were on the previous wheels; glad I didn't replace them at the time. The wheel shop I took it to just fitted the wheels and sent me on my way.. with insane rubbing at that time. Had to go back for the spacers & bumpstop. Not impressed & won't be back!
  2. 195/50's. Hmm interesting. That could be the case. The rear is very low while the front has a lot more travel room. I think I'd like to avoid rolling the fenders if I can?
  3. Hello there! Some of you may recognize this car, as I think it's shared some history with this forum. I became the lucky owner last October. My respects to Mr Bill Patterson! In January I received these BBS RS 001's to replace the Rota RB's, but they are rubbing 😔. I hadn't expected it since on paper they're both 15x7 ET 25, and there were no rubbing issues with the RB's. I suspect these RS's might actually be slightly closer to ET 20, but I haven't measured. The car is on H&R Sport springs. Hopefully someone can explain whether this would be consistent with a knocking at the front on full lock and rubbing at the rear (make no mistake, my knowledge here is quite limited). I had 3mm spacers put on the front to better clear the control arm, and a bumpstop at the back to lessen the rubbing. Both made a noticeable difference but are not adequate as a solution. I've been reluctant to drive the car since, not helped by the recent weather in the bay area. Insofar as I understand, my options are: Smaller tyres (not many options tho?) Roll the arches a little (where would I go to get this done in the bay area?!) Coilovers ($$$ 😮) Different springs (not sure where to start?) I'd be very grateful for thoughts and advice on any/all the above, and your opinions on my best course of action here! In a perfect world I wouldn't have it sit a little lower at the front, too. Thanks! 🙏🏼
  4. Spent the best part of this evening flicking through the first half of this thread! This forum and all your cars are awesome. Here's my '02, I believe it's changed hands a few times between members of this forum since being beautifully restored by @billpatterson. Hoping to hang on to it for a while! Third time lucky in trying to buy one, I picked up 'Hanna' the weekend before getting married. This photo was taken a few days later in Yountville, California with a Nikon 35Ti. A set of BBS RS's should be on their way from Germany any minute now so there will be a set of mint Rota RB's for sale in due course! More photos after the switch. aj
  5. Hey @wheelieking, did you ever receive these from Amazon? And how do they look?! Would love to see photos! Interested in a set of these myself!
  6. Thanks! A lot of this is way over my head... 🤦🏽‍♂️ I have some reading to do. Who should I trust to install something like this, and how much would I expect to pay? I'm in the Bay Area.
  7. I was reading about this.. the bluetooth immobilization part is definitely of interest. I'm not nearly technical enough to understand the benefits beyond that, yet! 😬 Why is this car so suited/primed?!
  8. Picked her up today, my first 2002! Had an amazing drive along Marsh Creek Rd. Couldn't be happier, I really lucked out on this one. Thanks to Andy / @mud for being a fantastic seller. Expect to be asking some questions around these parts! 😃
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