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  1. i am having the same issue, but can't wait to see what you find out.
  2. SirJojo

    dome light blowing fuse 8

    my fuse #8 is been blowing Le's place trying to figure out why..
  3. i got mine from recaroseatforsale on facebook. It's shipping from thailand, but the gent also sell on ebay with great feedback. will take about 9-11 weeks to ship though...
  4. also i like to backup park, and try to park close to a nice car, and closer to the passenger side. usually in a compact space like we have in LA, the driver would move the car out first before letting the passenger in. (in a perfect world LOL)
  5. SirJojo

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Here u go
  6. Cool! That’s good to hear. Seems simple enough to do at home no tools needed
  7. do i need to disconnect the battery first before removing the cluster?
  8. SirJojo

    Hood and Trunk Insulation Pads

    Weird. Sending again
  9. SirJojo

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    cleaned up the trunk panel today, got some fabric from homedepot, a little 3M adhesive, and a stapler. much cleaner now. next is the battery tray area, and oil catch can/engine breather re-route.
  10. SirJojo

    Hood and Trunk Insulation Pads

    email sent. ready to pay.
  11. SirJojo

    Hood and Trunk Insulation Pads

    Sweet. How much and are they available?
  12. SirJojo

    Hood and Trunk Insulation Pads

    what is the advantage of having trunk insulation? make it more quite?
  13. SirJojo

    School me on Seat Belts

    anyone know where i can find a set of rear seat belt for my 74 02? i messaged Al already hopefully i can hear back from him soon. need the seatbelt for the boys.
  14. SirJojo

    1972 BMW 2002

    the car is posted here.