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  1. SirJojo

    1972 BMW 2002

    the car is posted here.
  2. SirJojo

    FS: 1972 BMW 2002 Roundie!

    that's one sweet clean ride!!
  3. SirJojo

    73 2002 on Craigs

    that's rust free??
  4. SirJojo

    1969 2002 4 speed for sale

    wow, the engine bay condition really didn't match the exterior and interior condition at all...
  5. SirJojo

    1969 2002 4 speed for sale

    Any pic of the rust by the backseat?
  6. SirJojo

    1972 Tii (vancouver) UPDATE

    here's how much bring a trailer would make If you win an auction we charge 5% of the final bid price on top of the winning bid, with a minimum fee of $250 up to $5,000 (5% of a $100,000 bid). The fee for sales higher than $100,000 is capped at $5,000. so in this case, they made $2200+change on this Tii
  7. SirJojo

    1974 Pig Cheek 2002

    Pm you
  8. SirJojo

    72 2002, Verona $23k to FAQ members

    tell me someone bought this.
  9. SirJojo

    1974 Pig Cheek 2002

    Interested what’s not finished about the car?
  10. Might take your offer on it if I decide to buy the car. What I really want is similar to the one you sold last year. 70-73 charmonix roundie
  11. might have a chance to get my hand on a 73 roundie for a good price, but it's currently an auto. is it hard to convert from auto to a 4spd or 5 spd. i know it needs a little more to convert to 5 spd but is there anything else to pay attention to?
  12. SirJojo

    SoCalVintage ROLL CALL 2018

    it's in van nuys. you can get the address here
  13. SirJojo

    SoCalVintage ROLL CALL 2018

    will there be a "for sale by owner" section there? looking for one soon, hopefully a roundie charmonix 😃
  14. SirJojo

    76 2002

    what do they test for?
  15. SirJojo

    76 2002

    i can rotate the 02 with my 74 datsun so it wouldn't necessary be a "daily" per say LOL, but it would definitely be driven more than a show car. is there a "milage" limit?