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  1. To be clear the date code is 2002. The tires were purchased a couple years ago. I have the receipt in the service records.
  2. The tires are from, coincidentally, the year 2002. The previous owner bought them "new old stock" and indeed they are in excellent condition as far as I can tell, certainly there's very little treadwear. That said, on account of the age and the one with a leak, I don't fully trust them. I drive the car every day, weather permitting, a couple of miles at least. Tires are inflated to 32 PSI at the rear and 35 at the front (the latter was recommended to me by another 2002 owner here locally to make the steering lighter).
  3. Interesting. I have one tire, at the back, that's a problem child - slow leak somewhere. I tend to make sure it's within a couple PSI of its brethren before driving, and all the tires are the same type and age, but perhaps its related.
  4. So ever since I bought my 2002 it's had vibration in the steering that is at its most intense between 50 and 60 mph and then smooths out at higher speeds. By applying a bit of pressure to the wheel I can largely dispel it/counter it, though it won't fully go away. I've put about 1000 miles on the car (700 of them being the drive home from its previous owner, cruising at 80) without anything breaking or falling off, so I figure if it was some critical steering component I'd have gone into a ditch by now. The vibration is not detectable in any other component of the vehicle, for instance, even when it's at its worst in the steering wheel, I can put my hand on the dash and feel nothing. No sound accompanies the vibration. Based on experience I'm almost certain that this is just a wheel out of balance, the car probably threw a wheel weight in the past. I've put off taking it in to a tire shop to have the wheels balanced because most of the tire shops around me are hacks that I wouldn't trust with the car. I'll probably take it in to a proper classic BMW shop when the weather clears, but until then, can you guys weigh in on the likely cause. The alignment is solid, the car tracks straight and the steering is about as responsive as one can expect for a largely stock '02.
  5. Sahara

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    Great. Looks good, thanks.
  6. Awesome. Is the post a 3-d printable item or an off the shelf screw in this version. Either way is fine, I'm just curious. I have a friend with a 3D printer so I can probably make this this weekend and try it out. Thank you so much for designing this. I'd be happy to paypal you whatever you spent on filament printing the prototypes, you've been very generous with your time.
  7. Sahara

    Should I Do the IE Air Dam?

    Does anybody have pics of this dam installed on an impact bumper 2002? ETA: I see the one above and have seen others on cars with tucked impact bumpers, but I'd like to see it on bone stock impact bumpers if possible.
  8. Sahara

    steering box

    Do you guys know what's up with this? That seems extremely tempting at the price and Buy Auto Parts is supposedly reputable. I'm not in the market for a steering box yet but I was looking into it apropos of this thread and found this.
  9. The idea to use that peg to retain the lanyard loop and keep the watch in place is GENIUS. At this point, if you have time, all I'd suggest is to get rid of the cant in the direction of the driver. Keep the upward tilt but get rid of the leftward tilt. I think it would just look cleaner and would make it easier for a co-driver to view. Also, more practically, if I have to sand it or do any hand fitting once it's printed, I'd rather that be symmetrical so it's easier to keep track of. That would center the peg also, which would just look neater, IMO.
  10. This is great work. As for retaining it, assuming the mount overlaps the bezel of the watch even slightly, that should probably be enough. ETA: I can't tell from the picture but yo also need to account for the lanyard ring and pusher at the top of the watch, any tilt toward the driver has to leave room on the "arm" portion for the pusher to tilt as well. I see that there is a scalloped area on the arm but I'm not sure if it's big enough.
  11. The diameter of the watch is 53mm, the depth is trickier because the back is slightly convex. The case the watch came in, which was pretty snug, reaches a depth of 14mm. ETA: Also, if you can, angling the mount slightly up for improved readability would be great. The first place I tried mounting mine with the tape was right in the center of the dash, next to the shifter diagram, and I found that that area of the dash is actually tilted a couple degrees downward, which makes it harder to read the upper quarter of the watch.
  12. That’s amazing! I didn’t think you were going to start on it until I gave you some measurements. Did you find some online? Regardless I will go measure the watch today.
  13. Actually I got my hands on the timer in my OP (not the ones you posted, those are nutso pricing thanks to collectors) for about $75.
  14. Double sided "gorilla tape." I'm using it to test out the positioning before I put a hole in the dash for a proper mount.
  15. This stopwatch finally arrived after getting lost in the mail. I’m a watch enthusiast and a big Heuer fan, but my cars have always been too modern for a Heuer stopwatch to look correct. When I got the ‘02 I vowed to at last put one in and I have.