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  1. That's weird. The passenger side one is rock solid, so you'd imagine there would be a way to tighten them down.
  2. My driver side wind wing (smoker window, etc.) is loose when cranked open, rattles a bit, nothing terrible but is there a way to tighten it down without having to pull off the door card?
  3. Would starting fluid work in place of fuel? I've got that on hand from working on an old lawnmower.
  4. Had to disable my choke while waiting on an evaluation of what went wrong with the mechanism and possibly new parts. What’s the preferred procedure for cold starting sans choke. I know it’s going to be harder on the battery and starter but are there any tips and tricks to minimize cranking time?
  5. So what are the physics at play here? If it is the water pump, why is it only loud on a dead cold motor?
  6. Haven't noticed weeping, could be happening given the age of the car, I've no record of the pump being replaced even during the p/o's engine rebuild. That said, the cooling system seems rock solid, good temps even in 90 degree heat here. You'd think it would happen more often though, and not just after 5+ days of sitting.
  7. Alternator bushings replaced last month, now, if the car has been sitting for more than 5-6 days I'll get a low, non-metallic humming thump (almost a 'thwub') for the first minute or so of idling. If there's the slightest bit of heat in the car, no noise. The noise also seems to last longer in proportion the amount of cranking required to start the car. The alternator is quite new, the p/o just reused the bushings, so I don't think the alternator itself is crapping out. It doesn't sound like any belt noise I've ever heard, but I really don't think it's the engine itself, as it is coming from the very front of the car and is definitely not timing chain noise.
  8. It's a single piece dipstick (E21 motor) I don't think that it is likely to be incorrect. The only reason I didn't drain it until it was dead on was that it was taking a while and I had other work to do. Now I've verified the extractor fits and functions, I can drain the rest at my leisure.
  9. Bought an oil extractor and took out a quart today. Dipstick still reads overfilled by about .75 quarts so I may drain more tomorrow but at least I know the extractor works.
  10. @TobyB Given that I had healthy oil pressure and normal performance during the 2 weeks of the overfill, is it safe to assume that serious windage and the resulting damage did not occur? I will be draining it as I said, I'm just trying to figure out where I stand overall.
  11. Right. Draining Saturday morning. Should I cease driving it until then?
  12. Right, here’s the dipstick on a stone cold motor. Don’t have time to drive it today but wanted to get a shot for you guys to review.
  13. Per the dipstick it’s about a quart over. I phrased that poorly. I mean if the dipstick was giving us both a false reading and the car wasn’t low when they added oil, then that would manifest in other ways.
  14. Great. I assume it’s got to be no more than a quart over at worst. If they’d added two quarts to a full engine presumably I’d be getting wild readings and generally unhappiness, also, I don’t think they’re that stupid (I hope, ha!)

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