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  1. So, as I understand it, this a single din radio that just happens to be made by Porsche (and is thus very high quality and full featured). My '02 has a pioneer single din radio in it now, from the eighties, so there shouldn't be anything stopping me from installing this, correct? I was worried about power draw, but Porsche says this works with the 914, which is even more anemic than a stock 2002, so that must not be an issue. Has anyone done this? As somebody who really likes listening to a podcast or music on their weekend drives I think it would be worth it for me. I know any single din bluetooth radio would get me a lot of this functionality, but the vintage styling and integration of carplay make me interested in this on specifically.
  2. Are there any non-competitive events (such as the Colorado grand) that 2002s are eligible for? Midwest or western US would be ideal. Have any of you participated?
  3. It’s the older logo and sidewall branding. I’m not claiming the tread is period correct.
  4. Dunlop makes these little tires for Priuses and other modern cars that came with small wheels. These would also fit my 2002 and they have my interest as they feature the older Dunlop branding and are part of the SP line, which, oddly enough includes rally and Motorsport tires , such as the SP85. All of which is to say, they would look period correct and fit with my rally inspired 2002. I think this might be a great tire for our cars. Any thoughts? https://m.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Dunlop&tireModel=SP10&sidewall=Blackwall&partnum=765SR4SP10&tab=Sizes
  5. Thanks guys. I think you’ll like the car in question. Pretty much one owner (first had it for a few months). Had a quick chat with the owner, he had a ‘68 2002 that started to rust up on him and he was so angered he swore off BMW and traded it in toward this 911. 98,000 miles later, he still has it.
  6. I was at a car show yesterday and got up close and personal with a ‘68 911T. I had always assumed the 911 and 2002 were about comparable in the space allotted to the driver (I know the 2002, being a 3 box coupe has more room for passengers and luggage) but the driving position in the 911 seemed impossibly tight. I’m wondering if it was just the way the owner had the seat adjusted, etc. I’m sure we have many members that have driven both, how do they compare?
  7. My dome light broke today. It's the standard Hella one that goes above the driver's left shoulder. The switch and little brass/copper bits just gave up the ghost. I took it apart to figure out why it wasn't working, and that's when I the found damage. I stripped out all of the moving parts so that I could use the dome light cover, still intact, to blank off the hole in my headliner until a new domelight arrives. In doing so, I took the three wires that were connected to the dome light mechanism, wrapped the clips on the ends with electrical tape, zip tied them together and affixed it to the domelight cover, so they stay where I can get at them when the time comes to put the new light in. My concern, stemming from almost no understanding of automotive electrics, is that these wires are going to arc or something against each other, the headliner, or the metal roof of the car and do some sort of damage, now that they aren't connected to anything. That is why I diligently wrapped the ends. Is this an actual risk or is my ignorance showing again?
  8. So that's where the vintage Porsche guys are getting them from! Thanks this is very interesting.
  9. That's awesome. I assume it's custom to that fuel cell only?
  10. I'm thoroughly surprised nobody makes this for our cars. It seems like it would be right up Kooglewerk's alley. The style originated with Porsche, but it would fit with the looks of hot-rodded 2002.
  11. This is my concern. The car is going to be an unheated storage unit in the winter here in KC, and even if I move it to my heated garage it's still going to see below freezing some times, there's no way around it.
  12. Rubbing is also the main reason I'm considering downsizing a bit.
  13. The tires I want are only available as 185's. 195's are what the previous owner mounted to my car, and I like the look, but sourcing more 195/60 is becoming tedious. Do you think I'll regret dropping down in size a bit?
  14. Yikes. That price is double what it is here. Here’s to lots of open land I guess
  15. What size did you select? Is climate controlled worth it? If there's no climate control, then around here it will be cold in the winter and hot in the summer, which is fine, but I would be concerned about moisture.
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