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  1. Bump, I have a clean title ready to transfer for this as well as the lock and key set, and original vin plates.
  2. Previously looked to sell my pig cheek shell with everything I have with it, I am now just looking to get the shell gone. I don't have to room to store it anymore. The shell is completely rust free, it's been acid dipped and primed. Please text me at 8597974251 if you have any questions.
  3. Looking to get rid of my m20 swap engine mounts. Shoot me a text at 859-797-4251 if you're interested.
  4. I have been getting interest in individual parts so far, but nothing solid on the whole cart. So if there is any interest in the shell alone I am open to offers and considerations. I need to get things moved to open up funds for a new car. Unfortunately I am left without a car at the moment, so I must let everything go. Depending on how things go I will create a new listing in the parts forum of everything I have priced individually.
  5. Bump! I am back in town, made it back just in time to beat the Hurricane. Everything is still for sale!
  6. I will be leaving for vacation on Wednesday, I will get back with anyone that contacts me on Monday!
  7. Grabbing the remaining parts tomorrow afternoon. Will have pictures up shortly after. I am happy to answer any questions you might have, I am willing to negotiate within reason.
  8. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gXHhT38doj_lNwPEb20SUJT16etgTx6V?usp=sharing Here are pictures of parts I currently have at my house. I have some more things to grab from storage, I will try to grab everything else later this week when the rain lets up. I will update this once those are added! Thanks guys!
  9. I would take that, but please be advised my asking price is 8k.
  10. I will be laying out all of the parts that I have for the car soon to get pictures of everything. A complete suspension with new coil overs and extra set of springs, all glass, tail lights, grilles, and much more will be included. I would like to get 8k for everything, please contact me for more details.
  11. Listing my 1969 2002 pig cheek up for sale with all of the parts I have for it. Unfortunately I don't have the time for the project and have other things I need to put money towards. You know, the usual. This shell is absolutely perfect and has zero rust. It has a clean title ready for transfer. This shell has been completely stripped and acid dipped. Since then a coat of primer has been applied. The hood has been lightened, as well as the spare tire well removed. I have an abundance of parts for it including:Rear suspensionFront suspension(with coil overs from IE, modified e30 subframe with solid mounts, e36 318 RTA for 5 lug and e12 spindles for the front if you feel brave enough to do the work for a 5 lug swap.)All glassHeadliner bars and misc bitsTwo sets of front springs with varying rates for a 4cy or a 6cyl if you choose to swap in a 6cyl. (I have engine mounts for an m20)Headlights, Tail LightsM10 and M42 engineModified e30 dash if you want it, it just needs a little bit more trim work to fit perfect. I had one laying around and decided to see what it looked like in the car. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gXHhT38doj_lNwPEb20SUJT16etgTx6V?usp=sharingHere is pictures of parts, I will add pictures of the rest once I grab it out of storage. Best way to reach me is by phone or text, if I don't pick up the phone then leave me a voicemail and I will get back with you within the day! 859 797 4251
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