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    Intro and Some Parts

    Figured I'd share my project since parts are starting to pile up and I'll start to get time to work on it. The heart of the car is going to be a built lq4 5.3 that originally powered a suburban. Trans is not yet decided, but will either be a muncie 4 speed or a Nv3500 out of a 90s 2wd s10. All managed by Holley EFI Terminator. Fueled by a cell in the trunk and in line fuel pump. Full e30 rear subframe swap for wider stance, strong diff, and disk brakes. Attempting to make my own coil overs with sleeves. If all fails I'll get a proper set up. Autometer gauges going into a custom dash. We were in the works of an s2000 swap but drivetrain was sold to another member on the forum and I picked the shell up. The car is in the process of pulling the drivetrain and then getting it back to my place. Things I would appreciate some help with sourcing/ideas: -Aftermarket Pedal Assembly installs -Budget Front Big Brake setups -Rack and Pinion conversions -Biggest radiator you've stuffed in the nose of the car?? -Anyone ever do Lexan glass?

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