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  1. Thanks David. I'm looking for a tranny, so no problem!
  2. Hi David, I may be interested. If you have pics I'd like to see them. Thanks! -Ron (south Seattle)
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a driver's side rear window flip out hinge. It for a '71. Do you have any? -Ron
  4. Hi, I need a driver's side rear window flip out hinge. Do you have one? Thanks! -Ron
  5. Brandon, Do you have a back drivers-side wing window hinge (silver) that would fit a '71? Thanks, Ron (Perwinkle)
  6. Hi, I'm new to the 02-02-02 so I'm wondering how the flyer comes out? Is it on this forum? I'd love to come and then will be walking the viaduct at 1 pm. Thanks! -Ron
  7. John, I knew someone on FAQ would know. Thank you so much for the information! -Ron
  8. I am in search of knowledge: I have wheels marked 4 1/2 J x 13 H1 or H2 or just 13. What do the letters mean, particularly the H1, H2 or no H? Thank you. P
  9. Hi Joysterm, I know who owns it now. PM me and we can chat Ron
  10. Hey thanks for the offer, but I already have a couple of 4 1/2 x 13s and need to fill those out. I also have basketweave mesh on the car now. So thank you for thinking of me!
  11. Thanks jdoc anyway. They won't work for me. And golf 73 for the info!
  12. I sent a PM on email to you FYI.
  13. Hi, I have these wheels: Set of BMW 2002 4x100 wheels, 5 x 13; tires 165/80/13. $325 obo I'm located in south Seattle near Sea-Tac airport. Thank you. There are pictures under the Regional Forums tab "Northwest" if you're interested. -Ron
  14. Bert, Thanks for the update...glad you got the sale! -R
  15. Are your wheels still for sale? Are they 4 1/2s? Are they banged up or just dirty? I'm thinking of making a trip down to LA with my wife on Thanksgiving weekend so I could pick them up then. How about $200? Thanks for considering. -Ron (Periwinkle)
  16. Welcome! This is a nice rig. I just joined too and will be on the look out for you since I live just south in Normandy Park. See you around. -Ron
  17. Looking for 4 steel wheels that accept stock 2002 hubcaps. I'm in Seattle.
  18. Well there is more to the story...my brilliant son cracked out the magnifying glass and found that I have one rogue wheel (the 5 1/2) and the set of four (one still in my trunk) is the regular 5s. So my post has been updated for accuracy and I'm just selling the 5 x 13s. And there we are!
  19. Very interesting read...thanks for the research!!
  20. I'll stand corrected for now. These tires came as an extra set with my current car. Thanks!

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