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  1. Periwinkle

    Annual 02-02-02 Meet

    Hi, I'm new to the 02-02-02 so I'm wondering how the flyer comes out? Is it on this forum? I'd love to come and then will be walking the viaduct at 1 pm. Thanks! -Ron
  2. Periwinkle

    Wheel numbers/letters?

    John, I knew someone on FAQ would know. Thank you so much for the information! -Ron
  3. I am in search of knowledge: I have wheels marked 4 1/2 J x 13 H1 or H2 or just 13. What do the letters mean, particularly the H1, H2 or no H? Thank you. P
  4. Periwinkle

    History request

    Hi Joysterm, I know who owns it now. PM me and we can chat Ron
  5. Periwinkle

    Parting 2002s - Lots of Parts

    Any 4 1/2 x 13 wheels? I need two. Thanks -Ron
  6. Periwinkle

    WTB: wheels!

    Hey thanks for the offer, but I already have a couple of 4 1/2 x 13s and need to fill those out. I also have basketweave mesh on the car now. So thank you for thinking of me!
  7. Periwinkle

    WTB: 41/2 x 13 Steelies

    Thanks jdoc anyway. They won't work for me. And golf 73 for the info!
  8. Periwinkle

    WTB: 41/2 x 13 Steelies

    I sent a PM on email to you FYI.
  9. Periwinkle

    WTB: wheels!

    Hi, I have these wheels: Set of BMW 2002 4x100 wheels, 5 x 13; tires 165/80/13. $325 obo I'm located in south Seattle near Sea-Tac airport. Thank you. There are pictures under the Regional Forums tab "Northwest" if you're interested. -Ron
  10. Periwinkle

    Full set of early steel wheels

    Bert, Thanks for the update...glad you got the sale! -R
  11. Periwinkle

    Full set of early steel wheels

    Okay. Thanks Bert. Ron
  12. Periwinkle

    Full set of early steel wheels

    Are your wheels still for sale? Are they 4 1/2s? Are they banged up or just dirty? I'm thinking of making a trip down to LA with my wife on Thanksgiving weekend so I could pick them up then. How about $200? Thanks for considering. -Ron (Periwinkle)
  13. Welcome! This is a nice rig. I just joined too and will be on the look out for you since I live just south in Normandy Park. See you around. -Ron
  14. Periwinkle

    WTB: 41/2 x 13 Steelies

    Looking for 4 steel wheels that accept stock 2002 hubcaps. I'm in Seattle.
  15. Periwinkle

    Wheels - 2002 4x100

    Well there is more to the brilliant son cracked out the magnifying glass and found that I have one rogue wheel (the 5 1/2) and the set of four (one still in my trunk) is the regular 5s. So my post has been updated for accuracy and I'm just selling the 5 x 13s. And there we are!