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  1. Jeff Ward

    New to 02's, Durango Area.

    Hey Art, thanks for the reply. I had text you after I got your first reply, maybe I got the number wrong, I’d love to get together, here’s my number, 980-946-3311, thanks, talk soon! Jeff
  2. Jeff Ward

    New to 02's, Durango Area.

    Heck yea, that'll be great. my ccell number is 970-946-3311, Text me your info and we'll get together, thanks!
  3. Jeff Ward

    New to 02's, Durango Area.

    Thank you guys for the reply! I will be putting the Drive 4 Corners event on my calendar; I'v got some friends with 650's, so I'll let them know as well. Thanks!
  4. Bucket list car for me, super excited about my new 76 '02. It's a little rusty, but am not concerned. Currently giving her the long overdue attention she needs; a bunch of small things. Any other 02ers' out her in the Durango area? Thanks!