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  1. Selling my getrag 245 5spd trans. Was included in the sale of my 2002 and I’m debating going that route but if someone wants to pick it up I’ll sell it. Was told it was pulled from their friends car that was in an accident. (Running and driving) Shifts into all gears, no crazy noises. Located in NorCal but shipping is an option in Continental USA
  2. Thanks I found one locally
  3. Looking for a steering box cover for my steering box. Shipped to 95692. Please let me know. Thanks!
  4. thanks, those are pretty big. Dont know if they are suitable for my motor
  5. Preferably Italian dcoes but will consider spanish ones. Interested in possibly buying a whole dual sidedraft kit as well as long as it retained stock brake booster. Not necessary but will consider. Shipping to 95692 TY!
  6. You can check the VIN on the top of the starter location (on the block) On your head it should have a casting number. (Mine has 1.8 on the side)
  7. Thanks! Yeah, goal is to find a 2.0 and build it over the winter but that’s proving difficult. Thanks for the input
  8. Thanks, is there a certain section in this forum that I can find that or just this general forum?
  9. Hello all, Just recently bought a "rust free" 75 2002 excited to restore it! It came with a 82' e21 318i m10 with a new head. (great compression) and 5 speed g245 trans. Reading into it, I am definitely going to do the 5 speed conversion. Problem is, I don't know if I should keep the motor. ( I have all the pieces to make it carbureted) Is there a write up or does anyone have any experience with swapping e21 M10s? I read that the oil pan and oil pickup need to be changed out. As well as the distributor spins a different way. Any other things I should know? Do I need to modify my stock wiring harness? Should I just sell it and try to find an m10 from a 2002? Thanks in advance!
  10. looking for 5spd swap bits already have trans: driveshaft trans mount Shifter plate & selector rod
  11. newman8r

    WTB M10

    Looking at buying an M10 from a 2002 with good compression numbers. Looking to buy complete. I am located in NorCal
  12. Hello all, just picked up a 1975 2002 that has a rusted out gas tank. Looking to purchase one. Located in NorCal. TY

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