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  1. Donnelly

    1974 BMW 2002

    This car keeps appearing on ebay then disappearing. I bid on one auction, didn’t win but received a “2nd chance offer” to buy for my bid. and I received this nice group of pics: it looks like a rather nice 2002tii. I declined and told seller he would get much more than my high bid if he just included these pics in his eBay listing. Sooooo... I’m not sure it’s legit - maybe I should be more trusting.
  2. Donnelly

    1974 2002 Tii Daily/Project

    Appears to be a great car
  4. Donnelly

    1969 2002

    NoVa = North Virginia I would assume
  5. Donnelly

    Considering Buying 68 2002

    Congrats! looks nice
  6. Donnelly

    Considering Buying 68 2002

    I’m not clear on your goal. Is it to have a cool project to work on for the next five to ten years and spend three times what a running car would cost? If not then you need to think about what you want. I think it’s a great opportunity for you but only if you have the passion to finish it. It’s fantastic you know & trust the seller, he probably has more into it than his asking price but that doesn’t mean someone will pay that much for it. Plus it needs some body work. I think the support for you can be found on this board but really it’s up to you to decide if you want this HUGE (but cool) project. In simple terms think what each of these three areas will cost in cash & time: Mechanical, body & interior. In my head I’m counting in thousands for each of those. Oh without pics five thousand seems fair.
  7. Donnelly

    Getting nervous, should I hoard?

    Why purchase something you have no specific plan to use? With this board and other internet resources how much stuff do you need to keep your car useable?
  8. Donnelly

    Here's an odd one.... '74 2002tii

    My kid buys these LEGO mini-figures in a “blind bag”. You can not see what you are buying. This is a BMW blind bag. It could be great but it’s probably not what you wanted or expected. Buyer beware! It says it’s the original owner so they may not be up to date as far as utilizing common technology such as mobile phones.
  9. Donnelly

    Here's an odd one.... '74 2002tii

    No reserve?