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  1. Mehle wheels. Tires are shot, wheels look to betrue but need some love. I only have 3 $50 ea plus ship or $50 for all 3 local M10 oil filter housings. I am told these are desirable because you can tap then for a turbo. One is already tapped, the other is not. $30 plus ship for either Not symmetrical fan blade $30 plus ship E21 driveline. From a 4 speed. I can cut yokes off if needed. $75 plus ship or $25 local Diffs. I have 3.91 open. Turn and run smooth. $100 for 3.91 plus ship Medium case diffs. 3.91 with torsion LSD and 2.93 open. $350 LSD, open $100 plus ship M10 oil pan from e21 $40 plus ship M10 oil pumps, I have two from e21s. I am told these are the super desirable ones for m10s. Ireland engineering asks $290ea. http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/item/e21oilpump.html Asking $175 plus ship for each 65a alternator from e21 m10. $50 plus ship E21 radiators in good shape. $40 ea plus ship M10 ac compressor. $30 plus ship M10 manifold $30 plus ship M10 1.8 cylinder heads. Told these are the most desirable heads for m10 to build power? $100 EA plus ship. Parting 2 M10 motors. Let me know if you need anything. Parting out an e21. Send pm if you need parts
  2. Or still up for trade on some really nice E24 rear seats
  3. I pulled this diff from a 1977 e21. Everything looks awesome and turns smooth. I think the clutch packs are worn and need replacing, it does not lock up very well. Needs a good cleaning. Shipping should be $75 to the US Diff is the middle diff in the pic. I also have a 3.91 open e21 diff if anybody is interested.
  4. Checking to see if there is a chance anybody would want to trade? I have an e21 lsd with 3.64 gears. Everything is mechanically in good shape but it does not lock up. I assume some new clutch plates and you would have a great diff. I would be looking for e24 rear seats that are black and have the center console and seat belts. Everything in great shape, no rips tears or anything. You pay shipping.
  5. Thanks! Oh, and yeah, I am wasting my time on here but if you have not figured it out by now, I am hard headed when it comes to morals. I dont move an inch. LOL. BTW, youre wasting your time in this thread for $0. LOL
  6. You didnt answer my question though. Are you willing to take the same advice for no reason? Doubt it. I have been in these sort of discussions too much lately. It gives me little faith in society when you cant trust people and on top of that the bigger problem is there are a bunch of people like you or others in this thread just willing to dismiss it and take it as a way of life. This is not what life should be and should not be deemed acceptable IMO. Dude made a mistake. Whether or not he knew it is not even the question. He sold something as good and its not. Its plain and simple. People should have morals and stand up for their mistakes. If you make a mistake, its NOT OK to make others pay for your mistakes! I just sent a 245 to a guy. I told him the brutal truth about it. Did I risk losing the sale? For sure but I had to be honest for mine and his own good. What if he got it and there were issues that I didnt tell him about? Should I really expect him to pay $100 to send it back? No, come on. I would take care of it because I was the dumb ass that either forgot or didnt know. This is or should be common sense but common sense isnt so common anymore, right? Thats why we have services such as Paypal to protect us.
  7. I guess I disagree with you then? Its not simply that I dont like it, its not as advertised. Its defective and does not work. Its broken. If he had told me that it had all these issues, thats a different story. Plus, my big issue is that I am pretty sure he knew of these issues before shipping. Thats the part that makes me angry. He wasted our time. Its common for the seller to pay for shipping costs back to them. Ebay, Amazon, Paypal and many others require sellers to pay return shipping when the item is not correctly advertised. Anyway, its in Paypals hands. Whatever they choose is fine with me. It will be interesting to see how it works out. My guess is that he will pay return shipping on their demand but I could be wrong.
  8. You would take your own advice I assume? Next time somebody sends you an items thats defective or not as described and you will be suggesting that you pay for return shipping? BTW, it would be $16.35. Not $10 or less.
  9. Calm down... LOL I think its $150. Shipping is like $50 flat rate. I need to order a bunch of other stuff so really, the mirror rides for free. I have a business that has a majority of transactions going thru Paypal. You can believe me or not, no biggie. I cant simply drill a new hole and tap it. There are multiple holes around the set screw. I just measured and if you took out the set screw, youre looking at a minimum of an 8mm set screw. That would be fine except the fact that the edge of the screw would be breaking thru the side of the mount at that size. Really, to fix it right, you would probably have to weld it all back up, drill it out and tap it. My guess is that is going to ruin the chrome finish and probably have poor threads to do the porosity from not being able to clean the material before welding. None of this is worth my time when I can just spend $150 on a new mirror that is perfect with all new hardware and gaskets.
  10. Thinking about it.... maybe youre right? In this situation, he is still claiming the part is "very fair" or "good condition". Maybe he believes it is? It makes it really hard to buy old used stuff if thats the case. I mean, there has to be a standard to which we all use, right? I would be willing to bet if you looked up those definitions in the dictionary that neither "very fair" or "good condition" would apply to a non use able part?
  11. Yeah, its happening all the time. I went to buy my E21 in May. I bought it on Ebay. Pictures were flawless ad description said flawless inside and out. I called the guy, I asked if there was even a tiny thing wrong with it. He said no. Its all perfect. I asked, is the interior black or blue, your camara is a bit dark. He said that they were black, he didnt think they even sold blue interiors.... So, I travel 10hr, 700 miles and find a car that cant even run, over heats going less than 2 miles, seat brackets broken amonst many other things, BLUE interior. Car was a wreck! I think people know what they have, I think they just want the sale. Its just a shame they cant be honest about it. I guess you cant sell crap if youre honest though?
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