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  1. Closer to the final plan: 1) My 76 will need an exhaust system at one point, so I need a recommendation for a full replacement system with header (long or short ?) with a OX bung. 2) Install the OX sensor with readout. 3) Install the 123.Distributor and a new Bosh coil. I am running a stock Air Cleaner with the Ireland Engineering adaptor and a 32/36 Weber. And start the tuning ! Paul
  2. So initially the question is spark control: Option1 is go with a the bluetooth 123 distributor and some OX sensor. Option2 is a microsquirt/ distributor-less system with a encoder pulley. Option1 has limited expansion while being very simple. Option2 has more flexibility and expansion potential at the cost of complexity. Building the harness is not a big deal for me (not sure where to get all the connectors). And having to active O2 integration even if I stay with a carburetor will help with much more flexible timing configuration. If I choose to upgrade cam, pistons etc. I can decide where to go from there. Paul
  3. I never thought of the 38/38 upgrade from my 32/36, would that give that much gain on a stock motor. The FI route was to give me flexible tuning. Paul
  4. I am looking for a complete 318i fuel Injection system including the Coolant Divider and the pipe for the heater hose.
  5. This is all very interesting, I am hoping to a phased approach to the EFI project but have some questions and would like the groups opinions. To start I have a stock 76 with a Weber 32/36. My planned steps: Install a OX sensor Install the pulley sensor Install the water divider and assorted cooling system upgrades Select the Controller (Microsquirt or Megasquirt) Move battery to the trunk. Put it all together and test it all out with the Weber and get accustomed Thoughts ?? Thanks Everyone Paul
  6. Looking to upgrade to EFI on my 76 2002. A full E30 318i EFI setup would be great. Thanks
  7. Sadly I have not had any luck with finding the bearing needed to complete my conversion. If anyone knows of a transmission I could part out or the process to upgrade the layshaft bearing to another bearing that would be helpful. Or I may just get a MM transmission and not tell my wife. Paul
  8. Trying to get the 5 speed into my 2002 and just need the following to finish it up. Any help would be much appreciated. Need a gear support bearing for the 1981 320i Getrag Transmission(code 245) is FAG #541974. BMW part number is 23121209422 52X27X12 Cylindrical Roller Bearing Radial Thanks Paul
  9. Looks like I need another bearing for my Getrag 245. Found a bearing from a member on this site (kbmb02) and but need another cylindrical Roller Bearing Radial 52x27x14 BMW part number is 23121209422 Fag # 541974 Found the following info when I called Atlanta BMW and referenced part number 13 in the page below https://parts.bmwofsouthatlanta.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=422144&ukey_product=1281322#13
  10. Found a bearing from a member on this site (kbmb02) and the member that sold me the transmission was kind enough to refund the cost of the bearing. So things are looking up Thanks everyone who offered to help me out. -Paul
  11. I need 2 cylindrical Roller Bearing Radial 52x27x14 BMW part number is 23121209422 Fag # 541974 or a damaged transmission that I can part out.
  12. To be clear anytime one buys a transmission that is nearly 40 years old, there will be some chance of some issues. When the gearbox was disassembled it looked to be in good shape short of a damaged bearing, it looks like it happened when it was refreshed at some point. All part of the challenges of owning old cars. Paul
  13. Just an update, the transmission was installed and would not shift. When dissassembled a broken bearing was found and a roller was jamming the shift forks. To make matters worse the bearing is unavailable, would you happen to have any transmission parts ? Paul
  14. Harry i am looking for a 3 bolt drive shaft for a 5 speed conversion Paul
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