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  1. I hope that shows up. If not let me know and I can email them to you. Cheers, Bert
  2. This a stock exhaust manifold from a 1969 2002 with the heat shield and functioning hot air blend door that warms the intake air. Header has the air pump pipe fitting welded shut but could be removed and stock pipe installed. No cracks in manifold, asking $50 plus shipping.
  3. This is a brand new Ireland Racing front spoiler that has never been mounted or modified. They sell for $195 and I am asking $100 plus shipping costs. This is a bulky item and shipping might be expensive. I prefer local pick up if possible.
  4. This is a brand new set of Bosch Halogen fog lights part #22351C still in the original packaging . It comes complete with wiring , connectors ,relay and two Amber colored fog lights. I am asking $30 plus shipping. I am also having difficulty uploading pictures, waiting for a response from the faq support team, but will email them to you if you are interested. I will keep trying to add them also.
  5. BK69

    Door Brakes

    Good set of used door brakes/checks, a little dirty but work. Asking $15 plus shipping. Can't seem to upload a photo but if you pm I will send a picture.
  6. Thanks Brett, will send out payment now. Have a great day. Cheers, Bert
  7. HI Brett, l would like to get a set, they look very nice. Can you give me your info please. Thanks
  8. This is a brand new Ireland Racing air dam that has never been mounted or modified. This is the flexible one which sales for $195 and I am asking for $100.00. I do not wish to ship because of odd size , prefer local pick up only. Haven't posted any thing in awhile and seem to be having a hard time uploading a photo. If interested pm me with your email and I will send you a picture.
  9. Sorry they sold awhile ago. Good luck and hope you get your car back on the road soon. Cheers

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