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  1. Looking for a good used electrical part of the ignition switch for my 2002. Mine is intermittent on the starting position . Thanks
  2. Hi, I would like the ignition switch, have messaged you but no reply. Do you still have it? Thank you.
  3. Hi Harry, Would you have the flange that the gas cap indexes and seals on? Early or late is ok. Prefer later. Cheers, Bert
  4. Pm'ed you about ignition switch.
  5. Very nicely done. I was wondering about the valve cover, is that only on the 1600? Like the simple look.
  6. BK69

    Fuse Block Upgrade

    Thank you so much. Ordering one right now. Cheers, Bert
  7. BK69

    Fuse Block Upgrade

    Looks nice, what model number are you using for the ATC fuse box. Thanks, Bert
  8. Hey Brandon, I am looking for the locking ring that goes through the body and the gas cap index's on. Would you have one of these? Thank you, Bert
  9. BK69

    Trunk lock removal

    Thank you, I will give it a try tomorrow . Makes more sense now. I knew someone would have a simple answer. Thank you again.
  10. I am trying to remove my trunk lock/ tumbler assembly from my 69 02 and am have no luck. I need to get a key made for it as I do not have one. Looks like it would be a simple task but can't seem to figure it out. Any help would be awesome. Thanks, Bert
  11. BK69

    E12 Head Needed

    What would you want for it? Thank you for responding. Cheers , Bert
  12. Hi, I am looking for an E12 head, can be bare , I don't need cam or any valves etc. Any help would be appreciated .
  13. BK69

    Hi was wondering if the tail light lens where still available since they weren't  marked as sold. I would be interested.

    Thank you,


    1. resra


      Bert, they sold yesterday and so did the radiator. Thanks for asking. 

  14. Hi ,

    I am interested in a black set for my early 69 2002, will these work? My shipping zip code is 92653, if you can give me a total price .

    Thank you,

    Bert Kager

    1. bluedevils


      Early cars need some mods. Please do google with FAQ for titles "Peacock" or "installing inertia belts to early cars..." to get informed about these mods to fit 3 point belts. If your car has the upper and lower b pillar factory anchors then these belts will work. Let me know.


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