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  1. I have a 996 twin turbo oil that is in excellent condition from a low mileage engine. It will fit all air cooled 911 engines, it has been disassembled , cleaned, crack checked and reassembled . Would like to get $500.00
  2. BK69

    Valve covers

    That is the cover I was referring too. Thanks for responding. Cheers
  3. BK69

    Valve covers

    Hi Resra, I am looking for an early valve cover with no ribbing and BMW block letters , an chance you might have one? Thanks
  4. Looking for an early valve cover that has no ribbing or BMW emblem but has BMW in block letters. Thanks .
  5. Looking for a good used electrical part of the ignition switch for my 2002. Mine is intermittent on the starting position . Thanks
  6. BK69

    Interior Light

    Hi, I would like the ignition switch, have messaged you but no reply. Do you still have it? Thank you.
  7. Hi Harry, Would you have the flange that the gas cap indexes and seals on? Early or late is ok. Prefer later. Cheers, Bert
  8. BK69

    Interior Light

    Pm'ed you about ignition switch.
  9. Very nicely done. I was wondering about the valve cover, is that only on the 1600? Like the simple look.
  10. BK69

    Fuse Block Upgrade

    Thank you so much. Ordering one right now. Cheers, Bert
  11. BK69

    Fuse Block Upgrade

    Looks nice, what model number are you using for the ATC fuse box. Thanks, Bert
  12. Hey Brandon, I am looking for the locking ring that goes through the body and the gas cap index's on. Would you have one of these? Thank you, Bert
  13. BK69

    Trunk lock removal

    Thank you, I will give it a try tomorrow . Makes more sense now. I knew someone would have a simple answer. Thank you again.

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