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  1. I have a rechromed rear bumper for 1972 BMW 2002 and 2002(tii). It was rechromed by Aardvark Racing/restoration 8 years earlier. They are in perfect condition. I unwrapped a section of each section and photographed it. See pictures- There isn’t much else to say- I offered them for sale on FAQ last year. Price is less now. I will be happy to ship lose them as they take up space. Write with questions. I am having issues posting picture. I will work on the issue. To see pictures-They are also pictures posted on eBay.
  2. For sale very nice one piece dash- I previously listed it but it didn’t sell due to my unrealistic price. There is a crack on far left side of the dash. Can send pic if you wish. I sold the car earlier this year Inka -1973 2002tii but the dash and bumpers did not sell.
  3. Sorry my car caused you distress. What about sale caused your angst? 



    1. saaron


      Angst?  Distress?  I said I believed you. 


      That's a cool car - hope someone bought it that will get it on the road again and enjoy it.  



    2. saaron


      Or did you mean when we digressed into talking about the cowl notches?  That didn't really have to do with anything we thought was right or wrong - Steve likes to try to figure out a lot of details on these cars, and so that topic came up naturally when looking at the pics.  Again, I hope to see that car at some 02 event down the road.  

  4. Philly is were I live and bumpers are here. I may go to Baltimore to clear out a storage locker. It seems you saw my sale of tii. Title to be mailed to California. 😊do we know each other?
  5. Car sold. Thanks for interest everyone

  6. Here is the update- I am ready to sell and would like to complete this in a few weeks time. Nothing has changed from below,so please read. The ask price is $8,200 but I will sell for $7,000 if someone is willing to buy sight unseen. I will also throw in a few parts including some trim pieces if someone buys sight unseen. I am not sure what I have but I’ll figure it out. I do believe I have original seats for it . If serious let me know. I will work with a buyer to get the deal done. Remember I am in Philadelphia and the car is in Baltimore. Ok-here is the story. I bought the car years ago to restore. My son used it for a few years then I put it in storage with the intent to restore. Now I live in the citywithout a garage and my lifestyle has changed. Fortunately a friend had space in his garage so the car stayed there for the past 5 years. He needs the space so the car needs to find a home with one who will restore it. There are two years of BMW 2002tii models I would recommend the 1972 and 1973. They are “roundies” and in either inka orange or taiga. They are colors that message the 1970s. This car had a partial restoration 10 years ago. It now is rough. It needs new chrome. The seats are recarro. I should have the originals. The usual problems are there and I suspect the fuel injection needs a rebuild. The car has not been started in years. Here are my thoughts. I will price to sell. If it doesn’t sell I will do a clean-up of it and get proper shots and go the Bring-a Trailer approach. The car is in Baltimore.” UPDATE-Thank you one and all for your patience. I have not spoken to anyone nor has anyone seen the car. Here are few updates -The car is outside ofBaltimore and easy to get to. My friend who stored it for me is an automobile mechanic and has been for 40 years. He tells me the battery is dead. When he last drove it he concluded the fuel injection system may need a rebuild. As forrust he said it has light rust or surface rust but no major holes in areas such as the floor. As I have said before i have not seen it in years. It doesnt look terrible in the pics. I will try to respond to messages the same day.
  7. Available is a 2 piece dashboard for a 2002. I will not misrepresent it. There are splits and bumps and is damaged goods. The good news is if it has value ( can be recovered?) then it’s cheap. I had it listed on eBay at a opening bid price of 1.00. I received no bids. My initial reaction was to toss it in the trash but someone can use it. The cost is the cost of shipping and any amount you want to send to a charity. It can be any amount from nothing to —-? I will never know what you donate. Contact me if you have interest
  8. Let’s get this out of my apartment! The price is reduced to $700 or best offer, plus shipping cost. A rechromed bumper will make your car standout and put a smile on your face. I was emptying my storage and discovered a box with a re-chromed bumper from aardvarks that I purchased in 2008. Please see receipt. My plan is to list it on eBay if there is no interest here. The cost in 2008 was a $1000.00 . If interested and you want me to unwrap the bumper and take photographs, I will. The receipt shows what is included.
  9. Looking for guidance on the battery for my car. Thank you
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