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  1. I purchased the car in 04, and it had not been on the road since 99.. it literally went from storage in one garage to storage in another. Forced to Pull it out of storage in Feb since property was being sold. Been working on it here and there to recommission for use.. so last weekend it got it's 1st full tank of gas, 1st thorough cleaning, and 1st 50 mile drive in 20 years! Still lots to do.
  2. Another 76 Artiksblau.. in the DMV area.
  3. That's a very clean install Kbmb02!
  4. Thought I was interested.. but Ireland Engineering sells these new @ $175.
  5. Got my header back from JetHot and finished up my valve cover... Hope to get them back on the car this weekend!
  6. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while.. Eric Kerman. I see this motor didn't last long and someone got a nice deal. I have an Eric Kerman massaged head on my E32, what a difference it made. Good luck to Eric in retirement! P-
  7. I'm late to this party but I ran into the same issue with the NGK plugs.. ordered two sets that I can't use because the tips don't screw off! Supplier should have known.. they were for a German car (not Japanese per they're catalog. duh!
  8. Looking for a clean pedal box, restored or un-restored for my 76. Thx
  9. Is that one or two pedal boxes? Also what year is the valve cover?
  10. I'm interested in both the trans and the steering wheel. Ready to purchase depending upon price... please send me a PM. Thx
  11. Just wanted to follow-up and thank you for the cards Emily! They've gone out and were a big hit with those who have received them! Happy Holidays!
  12. bump for Great price for nice header.!! What gives with the shipping price thing? You buy something, you gotta pay for shipping like you do with everything else. This ain't Amazom.. pay more and shipping is free? :-)
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