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  1. I'm late to this party but I ran into the same issue with the NGK plugs.. ordered two sets that I can't use because the tips don't screw off! Supplier should have known.. they were for a German car (not Japanese per they're catalog. duh!
  2. Looking for a clean pedal box, restored or un-restored for my 76. Thx
  3. Is that one or two pedal boxes? Also what year is the valve cover?
  4. I'm interested in both the trans and the steering wheel. Ready to purchase depending upon price... please send me a PM. Thx
  5. Just wanted to follow-up and thank you for the cards Emily! They've gone out and were a big hit with those who have received them! Happy Holidays!
  6. bump for Great price for nice header.!! What gives with the shipping price thing? You buy something, you gotta pay for shipping like you do with everything else. This ain't Amazom.. pay more and shipping is free? :-)
  7. Put me down for a batch. Sending email later tonight!
  8. New here, although long time lurker, and I'm late to this party.. However, it would have to be two stage, and I've had numerous cars painted from paint to sell, driver quality through concours level. Understand some like single stage, especially if they're restoring for "originality," but a good base coat/clear coat job is the way to go. The old colors really pop w/the modern chemical formulas, repairs are more forgiving and easier to get a good match, and for a metallic color, 2 stage is the only way to go. It also allows you to build the clear coat, wet-sand and buff numerous times for a desired gloss with-out fear of cutting into the color.. scratches can easily be buffed away if you or your paint or detailer knows what their doing. Although many have consolidated, there are still a number of good brands to choose from as well, Glasurit, Sikkens, Spies/Hecker, PPG, and some of the other BASF lines.. in other words there are options that can save you some money and deliver a nice finish. Single stage is great but it will never look like or equal a quality 2-stage job. Good luck whichever direction you choose!
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