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  1. ddletendre

    WTB strut mounts

    just refurbished my old struts & fit in new KYB shocks. Waiting for new H&R lowering springs. they are looking sharp! I just don’t know which strut mount to buy. Ebay suggests MTC or whatever. i don’t know what nor where to buy my strut mounts & bump stop. Let me know!
  2. ddletendre

    Bavarian Klasse

    I'm getting worried I might be in a similar situation. I trust him, it's just that with parts provider, they tend to be so fast, same day shipping & stuff. In my situation, I paid 325$ for a pair of struts, disk dust covers & a pulley 21st of January. He told me it would be shipped by wednesday the 23rd, then he said the post office was closed. He was "out of town" the next day, and he will "ship them soon"... In your situation, how did it conclude? Even though all of that is happening, I still think that it is just a overwhelmed young lad, trying his best to keep up with the demand. Staying positive!
  3. This is one of the best comment i’ve read in a long time hahaha! Thanks for the tips!
  4. ddletendre


  5. @saaron You were right the original color is officially Sienabraun metallic, code 009 Thanks for the ressource @HarryPR !
  6. Will definitely do! Thank you for the info!
  7. Looks like Ceylon. I must be wrong. The original color was a light golden brown, still visible from the engine bay and trunk area. Thanks for correcting me!
  8. Here's the story on how I got to own my first BMW 2002, and what it means to me: https://medium.com/@letendred/that-one-time-i-cried-about-a-car-f19dd60a2fe7
  9. Hi! Been looking everywhere for these: https://www.bavauto.com/bmw-strut-housing-31311101129 https://parts.bmwofsouthatlanta.com/products/Classic-BMW/1976/2002-Sedan-Manual/Spring-strut/1287430/31311101129.html But they are SO expensive. Excessively expensive. I was wondering if any of you had extras laying around you could sell. On mine, the lower spring support (the little cup thing) is falling appart due to rust and lack of care from the previous owner. I like the OEM ride comfort, but if I don't find anything I am going to have to go with coilovers or something. Thanks,
  10. ddletendre

    Crankshaft pulley

    Looking for something like that for my 76' 2002. Haven't found it online (new) (on not sketchy looking websites). The only groove my car uses is the bigger one on the right of the following image. If you happen to have an extra one (used), and preferably live in Quebec, Canada, let me know! If you are from the US, i'm sure we could work something out too. Thanks!
  11. ddletendre

    Cast Iron Crankshaft Pulley?

    Did you finally find one?
  12. ddletendre

    Crankshaft pulley replacement?

    Do you know the exact part number for this pulley? I'm gonna be looking for them online and on local group (Quebec Canada)
  13. Currently running the part #10 from the picture above (part number 11211263516). It has a cracked and chipped on it right beside the key slot. I don't fully trust it, and wouldn't want my woodruff key to fall on my timing chain! Do any of you know about a replacement part that could work? OEM or not, I don't have A/C or anything. Thanks!
  14. All right so best option is to restore my current strut housing with weld and patience I guess? haha And replacing the inserts, strut mounts, ball joints and all that jazz?
  15. Ok so no "plug and play" alternatives to too expansive oem parts?