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  1. ddletendre

    Crankshaft pulley

    Looking for something like that for my 76' 2002. Haven't found it online (new) (on not sketchy looking websites). The only groove my car uses is the bigger one on the right of the following image. If you happen to have an extra one (used), and preferably live in Quebec, Canada, let me know! If you are from the US, i'm sure we could work something out too. Thanks!
  2. ddletendre

    Cast Iron Crankshaft Pulley?

    Did you finally find one?
  3. ddletendre

    Crankshaft pulley replacement?

    Do you know the exact part number for this pulley? I'm gonna be looking for them online and on local group (Quebec Canada)
  4. Currently running the part #10 from the picture above (part number 11211263516). It has a cracked and chipped on it right beside the key slot. I don't fully trust it, and wouldn't want my woodruff key to fall on my timing chain! Do any of you know about a replacement part that could work? OEM or not, I don't have A/C or anything. Thanks!
  5. All right so best option is to restore my current strut housing with weld and patience I guess? haha And replacing the inserts, strut mounts, ball joints and all that jazz?
  6. Ok so no "plug and play" alternatives to too expansive oem parts?
  7. Hi, I'm still looking for oem struts to replace mine which's lower support mount is crumbling. Found this kit for a replacement: https://www.tdotperformance.ca/koni-1145-1141-1145-yellow-sport-lowering-kit.html Don't have much of a budget, but I hear H&R's is pretty good too: https://frsport.com/h-r-31202t-1-touring-cup-kit-bmw-2002-1966-1976 What do you think? Should I wait to find struts to rebuild oem setup or should I not bother at all and buy one of these kits? Oh and I'm rocking e30 bbs wheels which might get a bit close with lowering kits or too expansive coilover setups. Looking for a smooth cruise, no track days nor racing, simply driving comfortably. Thanks!
  8. That’s exactly what’s happening. Sadly since it’s stored for the qinter I don’t have access to my car til may... But yeah, the lower spring mount is rusting off. And it doesn’t seem like I can find the piece anywhere
  9. Oh god, just found that: https://www.autoanything.com/suspension-systems/61A5658A0A0.aspx Would any of you know if it'd fit? I hate having my care in storage, can't just go there and see for myself haha
  10. Well, I’m no mechanic, but the part that holds the spring (botton part) is litteraly falling appart. see image below for part falling apart. Oem on bmw website are litteraly 1200 bucks each...
  11. Hi! I need to redo my front suspension first thing after the winter (i live in canada, so my beloved 1976 2002 sits in storage). I was searching the web for alternatives. Should I go OEM rebuild? I would need to buy new strut assemblies since they were starting to fall appart (1200 bucks each OEM). Or coilovers, where I think I could have something pretty good for 1500 bucks. Any suggestion for online shops with great prices and products? Thanks,
  12. ddletendre

    76' 2002 Wagon concept!

    It’s a hatchback not a wagon
  13. ddletendre

    76' 2002 Wagon concept!

    Woooooow i’ve never seen thoses!
  14. So I was photoshopping a picture of my 76' 02 to post on social media and I thought I'd want to see what it would look like if they had made wagons of these beauties. So there you go! I kind of like it, but I thought I would much rather here what you guys think about it, and if you would have one!
  15. ddletendre

    Many issues and Newby.

    Thank you so much!