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  1. It’s the variability of this condition that has me most baffled. I’ll follow up over the next week or so and let you know what I find. Thanks all, great responses!
  2. I just completed installation and tuning of my newly rebuilt motor. Here’s the background: 74 base model. I re-stroked my 1.8 liter to 2.0L and kept the 1.8 L head. Also kept the 320i distributor and ignition module. This seems like a nice setup and runs like a champ. Huge improvement over what I had... Here’s the issue: occasionally and seemingly completely at random, my electrical light will begin to glow faintly. It doesn’t seem load related- can happen no matter what accessories and lights are on (or off), it can occur at any time and generally sticks around for a little while then magically disappears for no apparent reason. There’s no perceptible effect on engine performance while this is happening. I’m stumped. I’ve checked connections several times, and all looks good. I’ve cleaned every ground I can find. Alternator(e21) is new and charging system is in good order, though I haven’t metered it while this is actually happening. New alternator belt in place. Any 02/e/21 electrical gurus out there want to take a guess? I’m leaning towards something to do with the ignition module, though I’m using the same module and distributor as before and there was no issue like this previously) Another possiblility is just that something’s damp? Its been INCREDIBLY wet here in the PNW recently, maybe this will go away if it ever stops raining. I guess I’m not too concerned about this but I’d love to have a clue what’s going on. Thanks all, in advance.
  3. Drove WA SR 112 from just west of Port Angeles almost to Neah Bay, northwesternmost point in lower ‘48. Had to turn back at Sekiu, ran out of time... Seriously fantastic 65 m drive along Staits of Jaun de Fuca.Road nearly deserted and capable of terrifying any driver. Sorry about crummy iPhone photos, needed 2 hands on the wheel most of the way! If you’re in PA, Swains is a mandatory stop... IMG_0947.MOV
  4. After digging into this I realized the swap is more than I can take on right now. Too many other projects! Also in Ballard, maybe we should meet up some Saturday and talk 02s? Phil
  5. In Seattle, might be interested if the Dallas sale doesn’t work out.
  6. Went to the lumberyard. I love that that I don’t have to baby this car! What did you carry on top of your 2002 today? Phil
  7. Thanks for the input (sorry...) At this point my plan is to replace missing assembly bolts and drain plugs, get some lubricant in this thing and spin it with a drill motor so I can make a reasonable judgement about whether to dig in deeper. I still don’t know what it sounds like or how it shifts.
  8. I’ve been cruising the interwebs and am reading that some axial play in the input bearing is to be expected. Which is really good news if it’s true as it means I don’t need to pull the bearing which means I don’t need to pull the whole thing apart or buy a $400 tool. All of which means I might be able to salvage this thing after all. The input bearing wiggles a bit, moving maybe .3 or so mm axially. Anyone have any thoughts as to whether this is ok? The output bearing seems snug. Still looking for flanges if anyone has a dead 245 and is willing to sell them...
  9. I already have it, will start looking for the flanges. I didn’t mention that it’s also missing the bolts that hold the five speed extension to the main body of the transmission. It’s as if someone started disassembling it once upon a time and then gave up. The previous owner recieved it when he bought his car a few years ago and doesn’t know its history. Color me suspicious. Why would someone start tearing it down unless there was something wrong? That said, it seems like the input and output bearings are shot so maybe that’s why they started? Do you need to break the case apart to change bearings? Transmission newbie here...
  10. I’ve been offered a 245 for basically free but it’s missing the bearing covers of input and output shafts. Does anyone know if I can replace these with the ones from my 4 speed? Mobile Traditions shows the same part number for the output side but different numbers for the input. Anyone parting out a five speed and have either for sale? Thanks.

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