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  1. Roverguy

    75 BMW Wilmington MA, lots of parts-CL

    Just texted guy, car in VT, phone ringing off the hook. Supposidly guy on his way to buy already.
  2. Roverguy

    75 BMW Wilmington MA, lots of parts-CL

    This might be a bargain. Wouldn't a stage 2 have sidedraft webers?
  3. Roverguy

    75 BMW Wilmington MA, lots of parts-CL

    How can you be sure it's the same car? It certainly has a bunch of goodies; looks like a header, but just a Weber 2bbll downdraft.
  4. NFI: Wish I had the room, lots of nice accessories, probably a parts car: Just pulled from barn after 10 year hiatus. Yes, it's rusty but full of great period correct stuff. Ran when parked! I do not know much else about it. If you think this is for you, Please call Carl at eight oh 2 558 two 646. $2000 or first reasonable offer.
  5. Roverguy

    GPS Speedos and Actual Mileage

    Agree with the crowd. If you were touting a low mileage orig car it might make a diff, but what's the diff if a car has 90, or 125k? Out of the last 4 classics I've owned all had some odo issue. Either not working, or swapped out. The only one that really mattered much was my 82 911, but I had the orig broken odo and service records to before and after it crapped out. Finally had Hollywood Speedo add the 2 together to get true mileage of 102k. Never an issue selling.
  6. There are a lot of sc#m b%gs. When i had my 911 up for sale last year someone stole my add, pictures and all and listed it on Samba! I contacted Samba, they investigated and banned the dude for life.
  7. Roverguy

    Rear transmssion nut locking tab

    Got it. I finally found the detail in Haynes manual. So hack mechanic, no pun intended. Guy who replaced the seal on the trans that was in the car not only had the washer under the nut, which meant I had to dig it out to get my 30 mm socket, but supposedly rebuilt the trans. NOT! It had been pulled, who knows what was done, but had a nice shiney silver paint job. It whined like a 48 Dodge square cut and within 100 miles would keep getting stuck in 2 gears. The good box a fellow member gave me had no locknut, but the oil was really clean and it sounded nice and smooth when I turned it by hand. Replaced front/rear/speedo/shift selector and rev light switch. Truth will be told when I drive it. Thanks for the help.
  8. Final assembly on my 02 box. The rear nut on the trans I'm putting in had the locking washer underneath the nut. My spare box had no nut! Realoem seems to show the locking tab washer as going on last. I am guessing once the nut is properly torqued the lock washed gets tapped into the housing with the washer lined up around the nut and the friction against the inside of the housing keeps it in place? Obviously with loctite also. Please confirm.
  9. Roverguy

    Rear Main Seal - To replace or not...

    Oh, and my helpers 🙂
  10. Roverguy

    Rear Main Seal - To replace or not...

    Update. Went to Napa to pick up some gasket cement. Talking to the owner about what a PITA it was. He suggested using a clear plastic report cover shaped like a funnel with oil on it. Here's what it looks like in action. The cover and seal went on almost by had and a slight tap with a small hammer. After installing you gently pull the cover out in a circular motion and you're all set!
  11. Roverguy

    Show me your driving lamps

    Conserv: Nice Cibies, been a fan for years. Used to sell them in the late 70, had them on all my cars. Very high quality. I am quite sure the Cibie conversions are no longer the original cut off style like they used to be, that's what i recently heard from Daniel Stern. BTW, if doing the conversions the city light option is a really cool inexpensive option.
  12. Roverguy

    Rear Main Seal - To replace or not...

    Tnks, I'll give that a try. That's what i was thinking Guess I'll get some RTV with the pointed tip and put some between the pan and block before I button it down. Wish me luck.
  13. Roverguy

    Rear Main Seal - To replace or not...

    Tried to get the main seal cover on yesterday. Oil pan still in place. For the life of me couldn't get the seal over the damper. Think the pan is causing some of the problem, but maybe it's the pins? Would it help to oval out the pins a little to allow some sloop to position it? Can't have more scope creep, need to get the car back on the road.
  14. Thanks on the garage comment. We did a major rehab of the house about 5 years ago, screened porch, kitchen, fireplace. About 3 mos after we finished my bride thought it would be nice to finish the garage; which was already paneled, insulated and heated, so we did the final finish, I have no basement, so it's my workshop all year round. She hasn't parked her car in the garage in 5 years! And we live in New England; God bless her! P.S. the 911 is gone, funded the 02 & more!
  15. Finally found some time last night. 15 minutes tilting front of engine as far up as i could and a bit of wiggling and out she came! Thanks for the support gang. Now i need to do the to brg and rear main seal. So, I know Bluntech is the place for parts, trying to compare Rockauto Sachs clutch part no as its almost $70 less. That's for another thread. Thanks again!