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  1. Redline has a friction modifier which adds some drag to the synchros on the shaft so they slow down faster and allow them to mesh/sync better. Also as stated GL5 can cause corrosion of some of the soft metals. GL5 75-90 for your diff, unless LSD. It made shifting in my Alfa, Porsche and Triumph much better. My 02 box is next on my list to investigate, but it may need a rebuild.
  2. Roverguy

    FS. Hundreds of 02 Parts and Some Tii Rare Parts

    Are you in Worcester, MA?
  3. Roverguy

    1976 BMW 2002 (originally Verona) $5,500

    Hi I live in Ipswich if someone wants me to take a quick look at it. Just email me: ghamilton2007at geemail dot com
  4. Roverguy

    Rear seat foam thickness

    Thanks, good idea on the glue gun. So, the bottom seat is flat across, no small hump over the driveshaft, correct. The seat back has a little protrusion from what I can see. I am not doing horse/angel hair so guess I need 1-1/2" foam. I may do 1" foam and some 1/4" carpet underlayment that has a rubber backing.
  5. As with most my rear seat horsehair is sitting on the floor of the car, under the seat. The vinyl is in good shape. I want to replace what was once horsehair with upholstery foam. Can someone tell me if they have done this and the thickness required. While you're at it I may need to do seat back too, so any info on that would be appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  6. Joe: Per my original post: As soon as the web page is up I will post the link. In the meantime please reach out to me to get on the mailing list at
  7. Well: The event was run and here is a link to the great event: Please note; all the graphics were prepared by Scott Sislane and Calico Graphics. Thanks for the great job Scott! We will be running GAMRR2019; planning has already started. Although BMW did not run in the early years we would love to see some of you guys running your 02's through the mountains of NY & VT! As soon as the web page is up I will post the link. In the meantime please reach out to me to get on the mailing list at Thanks: Gary Hamilton
  8. Roverguy

    Car Accident Advice

    Localoak, no, I don't know anyone in Medford; I actually Sold my SC in July; couldn't pass up the crazy $'s they are bringing!
  9. Roverguy

    A Blue Coil Mystery

    Yup, all the guys on the 911 site have the same problem with crappy manufacturing.
  10. Roverguy

    Car Accident Advice

    Too late now, but Hagerty has been fantastic with me. I've had them for about 10 years for my 911SC, TR6 and now my 02. As long as it's not a daily (you need another car) and its garaged. The nice thing is it's agreed value, that you set. Guaranteed pay out if totalled. They also have a interesting buy back option if the car is totalled. I think my 911 valued at $35k was about $300 a year in NE Mass. My one claim involved a few rock chips in the drivers line of site. They said get a quote. Agreed on a oem Porsche part & new seal. It was about $1600 installed quote. They did not require a receipt for the work and I found an OEM Siglia for about $400 less. So the final cost was closer to $1100. Called them on a Sunday and agent called me 9 Monday morning. My 02 at $15k is about $175/year, but its a multi car discount. Hope you make out with you " negotiations"
  11. Strange. You are right: Here is the correct link: thanks for the catch!
  12. Bump. Registration ends Sunday Sept 30th.
  13. Roverguy

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    Hi Hal: Another 02 owner looking for a PDF. I'd be happy to pay for the PDF version as I can print and bind at work. Likewise I could run a copy through our high speed scanner and save it in perpetuity, and save some trees. Please let me know your thoughts, and thanks for undertaking this effort
  14. Roverguy

    What's this part? Inside door.

    I'll have to go look in the morning, too tired from the busy day at the beach! Pic from my garage window, Mass, NH, ME coast.
  15. Roverguy

    What's this part? Inside door.

    Looks like a winter project, funny they roll up and down just fine with out it. What the best source for diagrams realoem?