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  1. what happens if you forget to put this spring/ground back in place? will my car blow up? or will my horn just not work?
  2. hey all i just had the same issue... my coupler is toasted and gone! might be a stupid questions... but how do you take the bolts off (the ones that held the coupler, as well as the collar bolts). when i try to wrench them off the whole thing rotates so i cant get any torque on them bolts at alll...
  3. oh ok cool! thanks so much! now if someone in so cal / la had some for meeeee
  4. I'm. Not sure how many variations of tan there is... But tan. I think I actually want want both front seats ... But one is better than none
  5. hey looking to pick up one or 2 front seats for my 1976... looking for ASAP.... somewhere between san diego and la would be ideal! thanks
  6. anyone have a decent set of front seats? also looking for a chrome trim set and front and back bmw badges la or san diego area? thanks!
  7. hi im leaf im happy i found this forum as i have a couple of issues i live in ballard 1. so gas smell -rubber boot thing totally cracked, -also gas leaking from sender on top of tank -im sure there is somthing else too ha 2. blow back dripping from the air filter the previous owner attached directly to the valve cover. -a catch can is the solution eh? i just ordered this super cheapo one... look ok? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076BKV7JF/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 3. Im most nervous about this one.... there is some oil build up under the car around the transmission so i got under there to examine... then i found this super funky "patch job"? Im not sure what that part is? is it really bad to drive with that part in that condition? the car seems to drive great ....i dont have any reference points to gauge that conclusion but she rips around town and i drove from tacoma to seattle going 85-90 the whole way at 2 am last night..... thanks so much for any insights that may be shared -
  8. shoot im new here... just got my first 2002 do you still have still avail?
  9. blunt... i need that set up i think...
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