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  1. I'd be glad to do the same thing, but in looking around on eBay I'm not finding the Remy you mention. Any chance of sharing the search terms or a listed item? Also, not finding any 2002 alt parts on the 3 supplied links, what am I missing? Thanks!
  2. Funny. Just the stem seals. It's a $5,000 repair the old way and having a great 360hp V8 Bimmer that looks spectacular but smokes like a freight train has created a market opportunity. The shop came up with a better mousetrap and the Bimmer DIY doods have jumped on it.
  3. All German Auto in Escondido pioneered a tool kit that is about $1000. They are also known as AGA and they have marketed this process/tool kit under an "AGA Tool" banner and has created a following. They have a site at agatool dot com and they have a YouTube channel, other vendors have purchased the AGA Tool kit and do a rental setup on eBay (like Midwest VW does.) Numerous people have posted all over the web bimmernut, bimmerforums, 5Series etc. regarding using this process, the tool kit, adding info to the AGA video etc. It's a world unto itself.
  4. Glad to see a pic of that tool, thanks for posting it up. Axial play has been present in the input shaft of every manual I've ever touched. It is normal and not the way to determine if a bearing is "good" or not. I don't have a sure fire way to know if a bearing is OK or not. Having the bearing isolated and feeling for smoothness/roughness while rotating it is my go to move, but my normal sphere is domestic US iron and I usually replace the bearings if a diff or trans is out. However these Getrags are a different challenge with the difficulty of pulling the input shaft bearing. You might try fabbing a puller. The input shaft bearings are only $24. Or maybe we can do like the N62 valve stem seal replacement community and buy one tool set and rent it out via deposit/ship/return.
  5. So is that the $400 input bearing special tool?
  6. Excellent, glad the check ball is where it belongs. And thank you for your follow up. Any insight on that air bleed restrictor? Does your Solex book show a top view of the lower half of the carb body.
  7. Thanks jimk much appreciated. The check ball is too large to go in the cavity behind the pump. Without the check ball that circuit was open so I put it in the acc pump circuit below the outlet pipe and the one way valving action works. So there it resides. On the air bleed restrictor, not sure where it is now is where it belongs. Sure would like someone to confirm or correct if they can...
  8. Hoping one of you here has the knowledge or a spare Solex to look at. While disassembling my grubby, high mileage Solex for a much needed cleaning and reassembly, a check ball fell out as did an air bleed restrictor. Searching the forum and the web, I've not been able to find where the air bleed belongs, even though I've found a large number of exploded views and diagrams. In reassembling the carb, the check ball seems to belong in the accelerator pump circuit below the outlet pipe. I've attached a very large photo of the bottom half of the carb body. The air bleed restrictor fits exactly in the passage that emerges at 12 o'clock in the photo and it's show in that spot. I do wonder though, if that is where it belongs. Thanks in advance for your taking a look at this. Paul
  9. Sahara 72 2002


    From BMW Group Classic, "The BMW 2002 US VIN 2581960 was manufactured on March 24th, 1972 and delivered on April 05th, 1972 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Sahara, paint code 006." This is still a very original '72. A family member bought the car used at Weber BMW in Fresno in 1975. We purchased the car in 1985 and drove it daily until 2000 at which point it had 144,000 miles on the clock. The car sat in storage since then and I pulled it out this year to refurbish the engine, brakes and clutch. Six years ago I went through a '93 M50B25TU engine and the 4L30E transmission behind it. Those now have 65,000 miles plus on the refresh.
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