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  1. love it! holler at me when you get it sorted 😘 i'm with the PMA - i dropped a dollar in someone's expired meter today
  2. damnit! paul beat me to it. 🥴 let me know if they're still available
  3. looking for a fair to decent, used driver door trim piece.
  4. what makes these 72-73 only? are they made for the rubber impact strip?
  5. any update on the 6 fuse? if anyone has a scan or photo, i can create it too!
  6. i read a bunch of threads saying that when a pertronix and a blue coil is used you can get rid of the ballast resistor and the starter relay, but no one details how to do it. i have 2 wires coming from my starter, one black and one red. the red one went to the relay and the black one was taped off (?) i got got rid of the red one and attached the black one to 15 + on the coil. started up fine but wouldn’t stop running when the key was turned off. i had to stop for the night but am not sure how to wire the ignition circuit when i get back into it tomorrow. does anyone have a simple drawing or explanation i can follow? i want to exclude the starter relay and ballast resistor. its a 1970 6-fuse car. thanks in advance! wiring is not my forté but i’m trying...
  7. hi geoff 👋 it's phil, i almost bought your nevada 1970 - maybe i should have after going through this wiring! ha. for #1, i know it's the wiper delay, but what's going on directly to the right, where the green wire & blue/green wires just stop and disappear into the ether?
  8. i've been fixing previous owner hacks on my 1970... in order to understand what the heck is going on under the dash, i started tracing over this wiring diagram i found at http://www.2002tii.org/diagrams/bmw2002-usa-early.pdf and creating a true-to-color wiring diagram. i'm learning tons by doing this and making sense of the mysteries of wiring. i noticed 2 things though: 1) there is a strange gap in the diagram to the right of #18, the wiper delay relay (circled in red) there's a green/blue wire going up that disappears and a green wire coming down that disappears. does anyone know what's going on here? 2) what are the 2 things (also circled in red) that are underneath the battery and above the brake switch #11 screenshots of before and after tracing wires:
  9. Jim, these pictures were so insanely helpful to me today. I just wanted to say thanks! I've wanted an 02 for many years and i recently bought my first - a 1970. I was working today on fixing the electrical "enhancements" from the previous owner. Your pics helped me confirm that i have a later turn signal lever hacked into my poor car. I'm on the hunt for a good used early lever if anyone has one!
  10. looking for an early turn signal lever (right side of column, with spade connectors) for a 1970 i currently have a later lever with soldered on wires installed, and a bunch of the original wires in the car’s harness have been cut by previous owner. 😡 i’m slowly, painfully returning to original. thanks! including a photo of the style lever i need
  11. This 4 prong flasher with a bus part# looks an awful lot like the 4 prong bmw flasher at roughly 1/10th the price. 49, 49a, 31 are all the same , the only exception is the BMW flasher has a P terminal and the bus flasher has a C terminal. What do you think, interchangeable? Should I guinea pig it? Does anyone know what the P and C stand for?
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