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  1. Do you know where I can get information on how to do this?
  2. |Car is back in the garage for the automatic gearbox. When I get it back will try this.
  3. gorilla in the gearbox. Tazmanian devil in the transmission. manatee in the manifold. elephant in the electrics. stoat in the steering. racoon in the radiator. bear in the bushes (I like that one). barnacles in the bodywork. mouse in the mudguards. tiget in the tyres. ... someone please stop me!!
  4. I did this myself by holding the accelerator linkage, and both butterfly's are open. Also rpms go to the top of the range.
  5. Finally replaced the dampeners, all fine there now. Took it on another run, as I removed carb and blasted carb cleaner and air through it, although will get up to 60/70 mph, will still die when pushed further. Have to wait till speed decreases slightly, before being able to carry on. Replaced fuel filter and lines. still have to keep,it below around 75, or it just conks out again. Any other suggestions at all?
  6. Thanks for all the replies, good knowledge, much appreciated. I have the stock engine, and will likely stay with the original carb, provided I can set it up properly. is there a tutorial for this somewhere?
  7. Ok, interesting opinions, for both yay and nay. what would be the pros and cons?
  8. Is there any benefit to upgrade to a38/38. If so what else would I need too do?
  9. Yes, it is the 2 sway bar bushings, which arand No13 right, 15mm and 16mm respectively. Original sway bar is fitted. i have already ordered new bushes for the links on each side.
  10. 1974 Californian 2002 automatic. Real oem displays 2 sizes for front stabiliser bushes. 15mm dia front left, and 16mm front right. Is this correct? Then \i would need to order both?
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