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  1. Only just seen this post, 6 years late. any Advie on cleaning the old vinyl, nothing seems to touch it, remains stained and dirty from years of sweaty hands etc? Cheers.
  2. Eventually had to drill them out.
  3. Drilled them out in the end. started with a small drill then a larger size. now have to find some small bolts.
  4. Had already done tapping with screwdriver and impact screwdriver, after allowing to stand in penetrating oil for 3 days and heat. Screws don't budge and now slightly warped.
  5. Will do, but need to get the screws out of the heater valve first, having no joy with penetrating oil soaked for a couple of days and some heat with the right size screwdriver. It just bends the slot.
  6. Yep, exactly, 3rd day in oil, and also penetrating oil, some heat via hot air, right screwdriver, still no joy however. grr
  7. Much appreciated. Once I am able to open the valve, the 2 brass screws won't budge, and repair it, I will tackle the clips area. Thanks.
  8. Any suggestions on how to undo the brass flat head screws on the valve. Mine are stubborn and won't move at all. Anxious not to strip them.
  9. My heater box has all 3 plastic mounts broken and clips obviously missing. There were none there when I removed the box for the first time. Any suggestions how to secure this part of the box without the clips (or with them) when the mounting points have been destroyed by the previous owner?
  10. Have just managed to buy a 1 metre length of heater hose locally, for £3.50 from advanced truck components, helpful bunch of people. Will try and connect to both hose output/inputs on the engine block. on another note note, what happens to the flow of coolant when the heater is switched to off, how internally does the coolant flow through the engine? On another note
  11. 1974 2002 automatic saloon. I need to remove my heater for repair, and wish to continue to drive the car. Is it possible to connect the inlet and outlet coolant ports from the engine block, using a hose to connect directly from one to the other, bypassing the heater? Also, does anyone know the correct internal diameter for the hose, outside diameter is 28mm, thanks.
  12. Do you know where I can get information on how to do this?
  13. |Car is back in the garage for the automatic gearbox. When I get it back will try this.
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