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  1. All these modified consoles, anyone have a factory center console speaker grille I could buy?
  2. I jsut talked to my distributer up here and apparently the rears are available in 2-3 weeks for B8+ BUT the fronts are now delayed uptil LATE NOVEMBER 😫
  3. Hi Roeland, this was actually on Dundas Street West in Toronto, not in Dundas the town
  4. Location: Toronto 13 Inch MOMO E21 Wheels+Tires, all in great condition with BMW center caps. Tires okay, but older. -$550 obo
  5. Any luck Kris? I also need a nicer rear trim below the boot lid and better chrome license plate lights
  6. Kris I need a few things too - Original speaker cover for in the center console - Side trim for drivers seat - possibily a speedo if I can fix mine
  7. I may wait for fresh ones, thanks Koblenz
  8. They recently started suppling for Toyota trucks. Both the Tundra and Tacoma come standard with Bilstein. Perhaps they're behind from that?
  9. I've had a pretty consistent "late September" from everyone I've talked to.
  10. Are they B8 or B6? I need B8 as my car will be lowered
  11. Hey Gents, Looks like Koni/Bilstein struts are all on back order until the end of September!! Anyone sitting on a full set of new Koni Sport's or Bilstein B8's they'd like to sell ? thanks!
  12. Hi Roman, the dark blue 2002 is mine, I acquired it just a few weeks ago. It's a fixer-upper but runs and drives
  13. Morning Gents, Looking for a center console speaker grille for my 73 roundie. Thanks!
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