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  1. Hello, Awesome thread! May I ask for the 3d file as well? Thanks, -D
  2. PM sent with a few questions. - Interested as well if lnfmr2 falls through.
  3. Thank you. I didn't bother to scroll through their restoration/tuning parts page.
  4. Those Hardy and Becks are amazing! You mentioned that they are still offered today.... I can't seem to find the vendor/site who has them, could you share who may carry them?
  5. Great write and blog. I'm in the process of looking for a speedo/gauge set up and Speedhut seems like a great company to deal with. Will be in contact with them after the holidays
  6. thank you both for the reply!. I'm slowly learning (newb here) about the 2002s and the potential add-ons.
  7. Those Nardi wheel look nice. I dont mean to thread hijack but usually what hubs do most 2002 owners use? Momo? -D
  8. Love it! Can't wait to see the trunk panels as well!

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