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  1. Thanks for the youtube link, very helpful. I tiried tapping out the shaft that has the nylon gear but it seems to be stuck as I cant tap out the ball bearing like in the video. I also noticed that where I was tapping is slightly bent, not sure if my tapping did that but it still turns the other gear, so It's fine for now. So maybe the nylon gear is fine and could've been frozen and the tapping unfroze it? Now when I turn the gear by hand that runs through number stack it doesn't turn the trip counter so now I have the common odo problem to fix. I'm wondering why the nylon gear shaft can't be tapped out.
  2. Hey all, I have a general question about repairing/diagnosing my busted 76' 2002 odometer. I just got the speedo removed and I noticed that when I move the pin that moves the odo number wheels and I can turn it by hand with ease and the trip counter 1/10 mile turns and every 10 revolutions the total mile odo adds one mile. I assume this is proper operation. If this is correct then would the problem be with the speedo/odo connection that's inside the metal housing? I've read a common problem is that the pin I can turn by hand not grabbing and advancing the odo wheels but that's not the case here. I'd assume the next step is to unscrew the three screws and have a look at the speedo conne ction. Is there any possible damage that could be done by opening it up? Thanks.
  3. pm sent about door limiter straps and interior pieces
  4. Has anybody bought this ash tray cover from Roger's tii and know the inner and outer dimensions of the piece and if the brass grommets come attached to the outer fins like the original. I'm trying to track down an ash tray and there's 2 different kinds, one that's thinner than the other and I don't want to get the wrong ash tray. The link to the part is https://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-center-console-ash-tray-frame/
  5. Update: I've got the clips to work. Just push them through until they're flush and done. All I needed was my fingers to push them through and they fit very snugly and hold the chrome on really really well. No filing or hammering needed, yet. Thanks for the help folks!
  6. I'll try tapping them though when I get home and if need be I'll file the holes, but they hold the original clips just fine so that might not be necessary.
  7. Yeah I'll tap them flush and that should work.
  8. Oh man as I posted this I was thinking to myself that I would try this next and that would be the last thing I tried. I tap the nub though the center without removing it right, or do I remove it and tap through the back from inside the car?
  9. My dad had cut a piece of curved rubber hose that fit between the windshield glass and the support arm that kept the mirror completely still. I had thought it was a second support for the mirror until I had the windshield replaced recently and I had popped the piece off by mistake. That piece had me fooled until I had asked my dad about it. I would send a photo but I think the piece flew out the window when I popped it off on the highway
  10. I recently had body work and new paint done on my 1976 2002 and I decided to buy new clips for the chrome trim from Roger's tii. I received them the other day and to my disappointment they do not fit at all like the original clips. Comparing the two, the new ones are significantly smaller than the original and the bit that fits into the body of the car is shorter as well and do not hold the trim to the body at all. I was wondering if these clips just suck or am I doing something wrong here. The clips come with this little nub that you snap off and discard I think, but looking at the original clips it seems the removed nub gets pushed into the back of the clip to make it a snugger fit I guess. I tried doing this with the new clips and it makes the clip impossible to push through the holes in the body of the car. I have also tried to spread the clips wider to make them fit snugger but with no success. They do have these nice rubber washer type things that keep the clip from touching the paint but other than that they are worthless. I'm wondering if someone has used these clips and if they have worked. Luckily I kept all the old clips that were still good and I am about 10 clips short so I'll need to find a couple more if I end up returning these.
  11. Which direction should I start the removal, from the hood back or trunk to hood?
  12. Might replace and refinish all the chrome if I can.
  13. Just saw his post on Instagram, I'll give it a go with his tool
  14. Hey folks my 2002 is in the shop right now being stripped and sanded for new paint and I was wondering if removing the gutter trim is necessary for new paint. I'm not getting a show room paint job just a respray of the entire car (in the original color) excluding the engine bay. My body shop guy says it's okay to leave the gutter trim on as it's difficult to remove and if I replace them the new ones could get bent up as well being put on. Any advice on this? Should I leave it on or replace, the gutters are in decent condition also.
  15. I'm looking for Clardy console sides that will fit a Kooglewerks fascia and louvers for the console pictured on his site. http://www.kooglewerks.com/products/bmw-2002-clardy-ice-ac-ac-console-panel-cup-holder

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