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    1976 US Model Vin 2390582 Mfg Date: 07/76 - Mark
  2. until

    I'm in! Tomorrow is the XXX meet (not sure I can make it), but looking forward to the Madrona C&C this spring and summer. See you guys there!
  3. Hey fellas. Did a test run today; should be a fun ride. I'll be rigging my car with at least one camera - maybe more, so we'll have some footage. Also bringing my DSLR so we can have a photo record. Figure it's probably easiest to meet on MI, then head across the bridge and go north to 50th, then on to Lower Woodland. Should be plenty of parking at the fields - it was empty this morning at 10ish. I plan to do a return run (I think this is planned but not 100% sure) north to be on the upper deck through town to get some good video. See you guys Tuesday morning.
  4. Thanks Photocrasher!! Appreciate it. I suspected this was the part, but better to ask. I appreciate the assist!
  5. Wanting to update my cluster to LED. Which bulbs did you install from Superbright LED? Any tips are much appreciated.
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