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  1. $300 for a pair of E21 Recaro seats. Blue velour with black vinyl back and sides. They include the OEM seat adapters, but I've removed the 2002 factory sliders. The plastic handles on the incline cranks are missing, and the passenger-side release lever is missing, and you'll need to repair or replace the seat-belt receiver on the driver's side.. Straps underneath need to be replaced to prevent sagging. If you have the sliders, you can bolt these in place quickly. The foam is decent, so recovering with updated vinyl would be a big improvement. I pulled these to put in factory originals which I wanted to restore the car to a more original look. Shipping by UPS should cost about $150-250 depending on how far
  2. Thanks. I've had this care for the last 10 years, and spent about 7k on it in the past 3 doing major maintenance and repairs, so I hate to just roll it over to the boneyard. I will probably part out the most obvious stuff. Wasn't a bad wreck, so thankful for that, but still kind of breaks my heart, . . . life goes on.
  3. I have a 1974 2002 which has been mostly restored and runs well. My daughter just wrecked my 2003 325xi Wagon, which had a 130k miles and was running and driving perfectly. (see pictures). The M54 engine was not impacted, and still has good compression, new coils, plugs, etc., and the AWD and wheels, tires, brakes, etc., are all in good shape (tires have less than 3k miles on them. I'm not going to get anything from an auto salvage company for the wreck, and it isn't worth fixing, so how much of this car could I use to upgrade the 2002. If anyone wants the car or specific parts, you can let me know. I'm primarily interested in putting using the suspension parts to upgrade the 2002 -- brakes, wheels, etc., how difficult would that be for an experienced BMW mechanic?.
  4. Thanks. The 2002 I have now is the one my dad loaned me while I was in law school in 1994, so it has been in our family for a long time. He loved vintage German cars and motorcycles. He had about 10 at once time (a 1967 2000cs, another 2002, a 65 VW bus, a 72 VW bus, 3 BMW motorcycles (64, 72 and 85 models), so there are still a lot of parts for BMWs and VWs in his garage. I need to sort those out, but I can’t carry everything up to Colorado. Anyway, the 74 2002 is my main project. It just needs trim, carpet and front seats, and the stereo upgraded, and that will be my 3-season daily driver up here. If you know some Colorado 02 enthusiasts or clubs, please share. Austin, (719) 726-4221.
  5. The wheels are at my father’s house in Palatka FL. He is deceased, and we are selling the house Nov. 30. I live in CO, and will be done there later this month. When there, I can take a better look and get the four that look the best and match, and send you better pictures, to be sure you can see what you’re getting. I don’t think any are bent. How about that?
  6. My father had this 1974 2002 project almost finished, Now I'm trying to complete the exterior trim. Tell me which pieces you have available, as I'm putting together a whole set of upper and lower trim back to original. The previous owner applied a black-out plastic coating to the trim I have, and the few (like 2) pieces I have, it is difficult to remove, and what's under is rough.
  7. I have 8 original 2002 wheels for sale. Asking $30 each, or all 8 for $200 (obo). You can pick them up in Palatka, FL, or I will ship them at your expense.
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