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  1. ians

    IE Sway Bar Bolt

    Thanks I’ll check out Korman. Ive been told Toyota uses something similar too
  2. ians

    IE Sway Bar Bolt

    I emailed them ~ a week ago and haven't gotten a reply. I sent another email off to a different address right before making this thread, figured I'd try here too as they list some of their sway bars as out of stock. I believe it is the one with the blocks but it was installed by the PO and I didn't know to look for them when I was under the car. I'll have to check.
  3. I was under the car the other day and saw the driver’s side bolt holding my IE sway bay had sheared at the threads. I’m looking for another one to replace it. Here is a pic of the full one I have left. Any one have another laying around?
  4. It's not a Select Classics car. Given their history I understand associating them with this but it wasn't them. Thanks for verifying that I was already thinking. Glad it is repairable or seems to be. I'm going to ask a friend with some more 02 exp to take a look at it and hopefully recommend someone in the area.
  5. I got my car on a lift today to diagnose an oil leak and came across a rail replacement I never noticed. Welds look a bit sketch - I could use some advice on how to handle this. It is a. tube that runs down the length of one side of the car. Is this the normal way to fix a rusted out rail? Welds seems unsafe to me but maybe this is fine? Should I get the welds re-done? Do I need to replace pieces of the frame? The entire frame?
  6. Yesterday I was able to fix my blinkers (including the dashboard light!) & I got the added fog lights working again. I also secured both front seats down a bit better, there is less play when leaning back or getting in and out of the car.
  7. Smart move waiting on the purchase - I found another ventri for this setup the other day. No more lost parts act fast!
  8. Price drop before going to fb
  9. Dual Dellorto DHLA-N 40 carburetors plus some extra bits. I have springs, jets, a ventri, various screws + washers, a few filters, and some pump rod pieces. I’ll also include the air filters and screws. Carbs are in good shape taken out of a working car. Looking for $650 for the whole shabang. I’m in Philly and would prefer someone close but I’ll ship at the buyer’s expense.
  10. This is the exact setup I have which sounds nothing like yours at all. Now I have a goal to shot for. V impressive!
  11. I added a small plate which attaches to the tab used to hold the console in place
  12. I’m looking for a door handle w/ locking mechanism, any left?
  13. Installed two USB charging ports and did some work on my broken locks. Fixed one, found a broken tumbler on the other. Knock one thing off the list and already adding another...

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