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  1. I got some requests for rust pics, edited first post with pics I took the day I purchased it.
  2. to the top, haven't put effort into selling it as I am on the fence.
  3. Listing it here first, I'd like it to go to an enthusiast. You have heard it before: way too many projects. I have a a lot of vehicles in various conditions and there are only so many hours in a day. I have for sale a 1974 BMW 2002 that runs and drives well. The M10 is mechanically sound as I just gave it a tune up. The 4-speed shifts great. It has some rust, some surface, some holes and needs some TLC but you can do this as your budget allows. It has a lot going for it in terms of being a good candidate for restoration or resto­mod. I pulled the heater/center console to fix the motor, it is included. Tires are like new. Price is $5902 which is what I have in it, the price is firm. If I don't get this price, I will just hold onto it and restore it someday, these are getting too hard to find to settle for less. As it sits Photo album https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-rVHpVL/ Day I got it photo album, numerous items including leak in pic is fixed. I share this to show the rust. https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-w8Nt6F/
  4. Disregard, I searched more found there is an exhaust gas filter underneath the inman, I have a plan of attack
  5. I noticed after digging in is it has a 32/36 and is de-smogged, which is good. One thing I need to do is plug the port on the exhaust manifolds. I see you can put a plug on it. However, I cannot find what you do with the hole(s) on the intake manifold that the EGR tube runs into. Any ideas?
  6. Question for those who have replaced the exhaust manifold studs- I removed all of mine tonight, need to clean them out next. However, the new OEM ones do not have a break/split in the stud like the ones pulled, they entire stud length is threaded. Since the upper holes are open to the head, do you just eyeball how far to put the studs in? Also, whomever did this last time mixed the studs, so they are different sizes, annoying when you have to change wrenches :0
  7. Thanks, yes I got it from Peter. New parts showed up today will try to tackle some of this week. I appreciate the offer to help, I am sure it will be just a matter of time:) I am definitely interested to hear about the body shop as well as have a few of you look at it to get your opinion on the plan of attack.
  8. John, I am in the Austin area. I have used search extensively already, I have like 30 tabs open on FAQ! Thanks Greg, looking forward to meeting you too!
  9. Texas2E


  10. Thanks I am a stone's throw from you in Leander!
  11. I saw one in high school and had to know what it was, it was just gorgeous. Last week, I finally pulled the trigger on my first 2002. Photo below, it's a "20 footer". It's a 74 base with a 4 speed. It's black but original color is Amazon Green. It runs and drives but needs some work, both mechanically and aesthetically. I am a shade tree mechanic and not afraid to DIY, but also recognize that some things are better left to experience- like carb tuning and points, not my forte. But it is a running/driving project that I will make into a driver over time with your guidance/assistance. The plan is to baseline it mechanically and then work on aesthetics and power. I took it for a spin after I got it home, ran and drove well. My kid was with me and said it feels faster than what we're going . When I returned I saw some smoke coming from the exhaust manifold. The next day, I had some time to investigate so I turn it on to see. Well before it could heat up, it started smoking from the blower motor area. I had turned on the switch the previous day but it did not work, so idling in the driveway for 2 minutes caused quite a stream of smoke! Electrical fire avoided... Looking at the blower motor, it was black and smoking. I switched off the control knob. Today, I removed the blower motor and will rebuild it. I did notice 2 holes under the blower motor housing, I am guessing it had AC at one point, it is not there now. Here are some things it needs soon, in no order: Fix blower motor replace windshield, it's cracked badly and won't pass inspection fix broken ODO change all fluids tune-up replace valve cover gasket replace exhaust studs, 2 of them are leaking onto the exhaust manifold, so it has a smoke and odor inspect carb, there is some fluid on the intake below it, guessing it's fuel. I will end up replacing the OEM one when I get to performance goodies. Maybe sooner if it's fuel and not an easy fix fix leak on backside of the engine, unsure what this is but dripping onto the bell housing too. I'll have to get it on the lift to see Once that is done, I will drive it for a couple of months, and enjoy getting to know it. Then put it into a body shop to fix the rust and get a new coat of paint, color TBD. Anyone recommend a body shop that knows these in Texas or surrounding states? Am I missing anything?
  12. I picked up a 74 2002 this past weekend. One of the things it needs is some body work. Does anyone have any body shop recommendations in TX or surrounding states?
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