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  1. Great story, and awesome work. I’m sure your father is proudly smiling down on your progress. Bravo!
  2. stevetall

    M3 comparison

    Agreed. Author Wesley Wren needs to spend more than 10 minutes researching his topics. He missed the boat several times on this page-filler. Plus, how the hell do you fail to come up with an e36 M3? They’re frickin’ everywhere.
  3. Who would ever leave out a guy named Nut Dragger, especially one with an 02?
  4. Looks like a great example. Nice work! How much did you acquire it for? OK. Somebody show him the secret handshake!
  5. tii AC? As I understand it, AC was a dealer option as there was no such thing as “factory air”.
  6. Thanks for the update. You guys rock!
  7. Cool. Gonna see about putting a few bucks in Rob’s jailhouse account. Regarding Jim Compeau, he took a bunch of cars with him when he moved to Ashland, Oregon after selling AD. I assume he restored a few of them, but his former partner, Rob intHout confirmed that all the 02 stuff was eventually disposed of. The man was a legend. Originally from Iowa and a So Cal high school math teacher, he found his calling in 2002s, Shakespeare, and who knows what else. I hope I make as many friends as he did along the way. RIP, old friend. We’re all heading you way!
  8. Time flies. On another sad note, I just heard that Jim Compeau, founder of 2002 AD, passed earlier this year. I worked for him back in the early ‘90s, and a bigger hearted guy you’ll never meet. I wish spare parts were available that could have kept him running like so many of the 02s he helped keep alive.
  9. So sorry to have found this. No idea what's what, but there's bankruptcy, civil suits, family issues, and a SWAT team involved. Hoping to hear better news in the future. Rob was an awesome individual when I knew him better years ago. In 02s we trust. https://pasoroblesdailynews.com/swat-team-apprehends-man-fires-shots-inhabited-dwelling/71378/
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