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  1. Bav2002

    Italian DCOE 45’s

    Carbs have been sold. Thanks to everyone who was interested.
  2. Bav2002

    Italian DCOE 45’s

    Your on the list. Chook. thanks for the interest.
  3. Bav2002

    Italian DCOE 45’s

    A little background on these.... I bought a ‘82 320IS for the 5spd swap and other goodies. The car had been sitting for 2+ years and with a full tank of fuel. I drained all the fuel and put fresh fuel in and for the life of me I couldn’t get the car to run without using quick start. Came to the conclusion the carbs needed to be rebuilt and I wanted to hear the M10 run. So, I dropped them off at a carb shop and had them rebuilt. They ordered complete rebuild kits, ultrasonic cleaned them and media blasted them with plastic bead. Once done, I mounted them on the car and with in 30secs of cranking the car fired up. I took the car for a blast up the road and put it back in the shop. Put a 1/2 can of sea foam in the fuel and ran the car for 5 mins and then drained the fuel from the carbs and started the car to run them dry. The one stack tack is butchered as the booster was in the way. I would buy a shorter one or ones from IE that upsweep to replace it. Now they can be yours for $400 USD + shipping.
  4. Bav2002

    Front Nose Panel 1974-1976

    Any idea what shipping would be worth to Buffalo NY? You could respond to me in a PM if you don’t mind.
  5. Bav2002

    Ignition goodies!

    Email sent.