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  1. Nice progress! Your "before" shot looks like my Fjord 2002 looked when I picked her up in June. She's made a transformation since then, but definitely not as drastic (yet).
  2. I have the same setup on my '02. I think it sounds great sans muffler. Nice little burble/grumble on decel, but no pops (other than that time the timing was thrown off - whoa!) It's hacked off post-axle, so I need to take it to a muffler shop soon and get some pipe and tips put on.
  3. Looking for 1 front bumper shock from a big bumper (74-76) car. Want to tuck my bumper but one of my shocks is completely seized. Do not need hardware. Thanks!
  4. Same over here. Discovering new electrical faults along the way too.
  5. Very nice! I've got the same one in my '02. GLWS.
  6. Glad to hear it was found and the car was unharmed!!
  7. Mine just kind of smells a little musty with a hint of gasoline and oxidizing steel. Is that the scent everyone is talking about?
  8. Super cool! How do these mount? I don't recall seeing any screw holes in the wheel well.
  9. I removed and inspected it. I'll mess with it a little bit more and try out a different fuse to rule that out. It's a square light and the harness is near the top of the light assembly. Not sure if the harness is in a different spot for roundies. I did unplug it and test the voltage there though. It's a '76 square light. If the fuse isn't the issue (really hoping that just take a little bit of finicking), then I'll trace the wires. I can't imagine that'll be fun! Thanks. I'll give that a shot.
  10. Hi all, My left tail light is not lighting up. I blissfully thought it was just the bulb, but replacing it did not rectify the problem. I cleaned up the contact for the bulb (which looked fine anyway), but it didn't solve anything. Next, I looked at all the wiring going to the bulb location and nothing look awry. Lastly, I got out the voltage checker and placed it in the female socket that connects to the assembly and it wasn't picking up anything. So it seems like the bulb isn't getting power. Oh, and the fuse looked fine. I should also note that the turn signal and brake light work fine on the left side. Any tips? Thanks!
  11. I had someone ask if mine was a diesel a couple months ago too! lol I guess it doesn't sound as smooth as I think it does.
  12. I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to wrenching. That car doesn’t look “rough” at all (maybe I’m just comparing it to my bucket, lol), so you can probably take your time with the cosmetics. Make sure it’s 100% mechanically and enjoy.
  13. I have that car’s first cousin - June ‘76 build in Fjord Blue. If you feel it’s right, then do it. Just be real with how much money you want to spend getting it to where you want it. And if you’re patient enough to see it through.
  14. Gorgeous! I’m literally down the road in Odessa. Would you trade for an ‘02?
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