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  1. larryscastle

    NMNA 1972 2002 Not mine, but thought it looked alright. Maybe this could be the one for somebody who's looking for a roundie. Best, Kendall
  2. larryscastle

    Getrag 245 overdrive 5 speed $1200 complete

    What price would you want as a package deal for all of it?
  3. Keep up the great work, we’re all excited to see the finished product!
  4. larryscastle

    67 1600 part out

    Sorry, but did you say the 5 tranny is gone too? If it’s still there, I’m interested.
  5. larryscastle

    14" E30 Steel Wheels

    I'm your buyer! Cash in hand and local pick up!
  6. larryscastle

    Hub Caps

    still available?
  7. larryscastle

    WTB: wheels!

    I dig those. From a vw, eh?
  8. larryscastle

    WTB: wheels!

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Still looking for a nice set of wheels. Prefer a nice set of steel wheels but open to other options as well!
  9. larryscastle

    1970 2002 rebuilt

    Thanks for replying, John. If you have any more time to chat about the car, I’d love to hear more about its story. I’ll send you a PM with my number and maybe we can talk sometime
  10. larryscastle

    1970 2002 rebuilt

    John, I recently purchased a different 2002: a 69, from an Edward Kurek up in Vancouver, BC. He told me he bought the car as a shell from a John Kendall out of Wenatchee and pieced it back together back in 2014. I remembered the name because my first name is Kendall and I thought it was a sign, haha. Anyways, would you be able to confirm if the 1969 car I bought used to belong to you? The VIN is 1665921 I believe? I can’t recall perfectly at the moment. I would love to know more of the story, as all Edward could tell me was that he found it as a shell from John Kendall in Wenatchee. I hope to hear back from you! -Kendall
  11. larryscastle

    License plate lights - good condition

    Next in line. Local pick up
  12. larryscastle

    WTB: wheels!

    Not sure what I’m really looking for. I am running a set of stock steelies and am looking for something I can wrap a little more tire around. Not really interested in the e30 “bottle caps”... hoping for something a little more “period correct” like these. The second image is of e30 steel wheels but I think hey still look right...thanks!!!
  13. larryscastle

    BMW 2002 Billet Aluminum Accelerator Pedal

    I may be interested. Who makes it? Looks to be good quality
  14. larryscastle

    Custom 02 Roof racks.. Retro & sport

    All naturale baby.... hahaha let me know when you’re ready and I can pick it up. I’m just in Long Beach
  15. larryscastle

    Custom 02 Roof racks.. Retro & sport

    I’m looking To get the retro