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  1. I recently purchased a 71 2002 and smelled fuel inside the car. Turns out someone had used conventional rubber fuel line in place of teh correct plastic fuel line along teh passenger side rocker. They had glued the carpet to the rubber fuel line and the glue was breaking down the rubber, which I believe was causing the rubber to permeate fuel odor. I purchased the correct fuel line from BMW but when trying to route it through the firewall I noticed that the fuel line and evaporator line were going through 2 separate holes. The evaporations line runs being the center console and comes through much further towards the center. The previous owner had the fuel line running through much further towards the passenger side behind the cylinder head area. What is the correct location for these lines? I would appreciate anyone's advice here.
  2. I have been tracking this car for a week or 2 in south Florida and have not been able to verify any of the claims made by the seller about the modifications. I contacted Little Germany in Tucson, AZ and spoke to 3 people that have been there for years and they say they do not build or modify engines. So the statements about all the mods done to the engine by Little Germany, is false. Please be careful if you are considering this car and make sure you verify everything stated, in person.
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