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  1. Thanks to each of you, your level of detailed wisdom is awesome! My 17 year old and 22 year old are helping me with these cars and I am really hoping they can absorb and carry on your contributions. I have a 74 tii mostly original but it does have a few mods- VIN-2782036- one of which is aftermarket seats up front, which I am trying to reverse. I found covers from World Upholstery, they want $750 for the fronts. Any of you know or trust these folks or do you have a better supplier? This car came out of CA and at one point I have been told was being considered for restoration for the Spartanburg Museum. Thanks- Fares
  2. Thank you for sharing the knowledge. I may be asking too much but do you know of any photos that show the pattern difference?
  3. I am in need of front seats for a 74 tii, blue.
  4. Thanks for all the info and links. Now I have to figure out how to get the original U joints out and find out how to lock the new ones in.. Have you had experience with this?
  5. Wondering if anyone has any pics that show an original car so the shade of gray can be determined? The orange car in the string here looks awesome, I find it interesting to see how the posts have changed since 2004. Folks here just trying to keep their cars running and looking decent, now with increasing values, the strategy is changing to get a longer lasting and proper finish. I thought the subframes were supposed to be black. Are the front and rear the same?
  6. Hello- A word of caution regarding POR15...The can does not really tell you this but the paint is not resistant tp grease, oil or solvents of any type, it will literally melt if it comes in contact with most petroleum products or any type of solvent. this means you would go through the trouble of prepping and painting your subframe and then down the road, possibly have done it all for nothing. If you want to have the finish correct for what the factory did, I believe it came new with low gloss. If you are just building a car for your self and are not worried about the correct finish and value of the car, the more durable coatings mentioned in this string will probably last you a long time. Some of the new 2 part paints that are available in a spray can can be purchased in different finishes and are extremely durable. This way you have the durability and the correct finish.
  7. Anyone in the Bethesda area or know someone in the Bethesda area that can inspect a vehicle that I am trying to purchase? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I am trying to purchase a tii in the Bethesda area and trying to locate someone who can help me by inspecting the vehicle. The car is a tii so someone who works on them or has owned a tii would be great. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Thank you. Do you know of any good sources to purchase these besides the dealer?
  10. Dies anyone know if the rear u joint ad center u joint are identical? I am currently replacing the u joint my 74 tip but the local dealer only shows one part number and does not specify whether it is a rear or center. Would appreciate any guidance.
  11. I am seeking a complete or pieces of an a/c system for a 2002. I prefer a complete system but will consider individual components. Please pm me.
  12. Wanted: M10 2 Liter Engine Used. Prefer running condition. I am located in Florida but will consider shipping. Please pm me if you have something available.
  13. Hello- Looking for a really nice shift surround for a 74 2002. Want the nicer type and not the plastic one. Le me know if you have one. Thanks
  14. Please message me with the condition and price if you have one. I am in Florida.
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