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  1. Hello,


    I noticed the Kugelfischer name in your intro. I was wondering if you

    can be of assistance in helping sort an issue I am having with my 1973

    2002 tii. Currently Danny Quigley of Franktown, CO has the car  in his shop

    .Danny has been test driving the car and it starts right up and

    runs great until it reaches operating temperature and then

    the idle at stop begins cativating, tach reading fluctuates from 1K RPM to 

    4500 RPM and then stalls under load and is difficult to start ?

    Please reply if you would consider the challenge.

    Thank You

    Patrick Bauguess

    Loveland, CO 80537

    (970) 567-1746

    1. adawil2002




      Is Dan Quigley familiar with Tiis?

      Does he have the pump lock & sync pin?

      Does he have the 85 mm linkage jig?

      Does he have an exhaust gas analyzer?

      Checked for vacuum leaks?


      Hunting is a combination of pump sync & mixture.


      Pump & Throttle body need to be synchronized.

      There needs to be zero play with the linkage rods. ( JFPro BMW Van Nuys CA was making new ones)

      Mixture needs to be adjusted for 5280 feet above sea level.

      CO should be between 2-3%.


      Can also look for a bimrs.org member shop.














    2. visionaut


      I have no idea how you guys posted this here - I can't even get here via the site menus. "Posting to my profile" is a new one...


      I'm not a tii-guy.  The Kugelfischer next to my name shows my participation/support contribution level to this site - $20.02/year.  Nothing more. Contribute and you can be Kugelfischer too.


      Patrick - it looks like Andrew likely has you covered with Kugel expertise and Qs.  I'll leave it to you two.



  2. Recently installed rebuilt FI pump on 73 tii vehicle runs GREAT until it WARMS UP then it hesitates, stalls on acceleration?? Recommended trouble shoot? Thanks Patrick
  3. Rugbydog76


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