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  1. Tech - You're doing great! Originally inquired on this thread as I was painting tii steel wheels - the difference being tii steel wheels are 5 inches wide vs 4 1/2 inches wide for stock round tail light cars. (Went with Wurth and it didn't matter much as the wheels are primarily behind hubcaps) However, I also have two sets of 2002 FPS alloys: one from an original '72 and brand new ones. The new ones are a bright, almost shiny, silver while the original ones are a flat silver/gray. Mentioning this as was with three incredibly knowledgeable 02 guys last night and we were noting the difference with the cars present. (One an 02 with new wheels, the other an E9 with "coupe" wheels - the ones with hubcaps.) Point is they both looked great so go with the look you want. Rich
  2. Afraid not. First guy took it.
  3. Considerable information on the thread below: Also information on the modifications needed to the standard box to accommodate a quick ratio kit. However, I have yet to hear of anyone installing a Ventas quick ratio kit in the standard box. Will look forward to that. Just completed a group buy of standard internals for folks in the Midwest but kept it small as I have a day job. Good of Tomorrowcaling for his offer. FYI, this is the same box that W&N sells for $600/$650.
  4. Finally found a spare for my ATS "star" alloys (13x6 30et) and it came with an "ATS" center cap that I don't need. Not in the best of shape but could be resurrected with cleaning and paint. I'd like it to go to someone has the wheels, and trying to get a set of four caps. Will send it in a padded mailer no charge.
  5. Johnny, I picked up an ATS wheel the other day as a spare tire for my set. It came with a pretty rough ATS center cap that with a little TLC would do fine. Don't need it as I fashioned BMW caps similar to above. If you still need it, I send it to you free of charge. If I don't hear from you, I'll just post it. Best, Rich
  6. Mike, The slats are primarily why I bought the lot. I was just joking with Larry. I do need them. Rich
  7. LARRY! Collecting slats - what can I say.
  8. I'll take it. Will PM
  9. Bottlecaps are the Rodney Dangerfield of wheels - they get no respect. But cleaned up (I think) they look really good on 02s. Oh well - someone is getting a deal.
  10. Dan, I've got a set of tii steelies with the full hubcaps and 185/15s. The Borranis are a wish for another car. Thanks. Btw, with the small hubcaps they look really good. Appropriate for a car without knee trim and side markers. Rich
  11. Alright - chance of getting these is pretty slim but hey - maybe someone has "too many" wheels? Maybe someone wants them to go to a good home? Maybe, maybe. Looking for a set of 4. Thanks RF
  12. Andrew, Last comment pretty funny. Suppose I could hang on to these... But, and imagine this goes for any 18 offset 5.5 wheel, would 175/70s or even 165/70s work with such wheels? And lastly, when I put the ATS wheels on the tii, noticed a couple wheel weights on the garage floor. Thanks everyone for all the help. Rich
  13. You guys are spot on. Looks like I'll have some wheels for sale.
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