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  1. Yes - It was installed in a fellow 02ers box and I saw him last Sunday. He said that while there is still a bit of play it was dramatically reduced and the on center feel he was missing before has returned. But his shims were worn as well and we took the shims from an extra box I had. The only negative thing, which he acknowledged has little or nothing to do with the box, is the effort was not reduced. But he runs 205/15s. To reduce the mechanic who rebuilt it and a bunch of us in the group agreed he swap for 195s, go to 14s, get a larger steering wheel, yada,yada, I drove the car and the steering feel on the road was excellent. But I had not driven it before the comprehensive kit was installed.
  2. rear door cards - if available, vent window handles, kidney grill. thanks
  3. Thanks Res - appreciate it. In Switzerland - so Ebay comes up in German. That's why I guess though where we are the default language spoken is French, then English.
  4. too late it seems. getting Ebay in German. hope you are well.
  5. Resra, You are too nice a guy - and simply a pleasure to do business with. If your original offer for the three spoke to me (I think it was $250 shipped?) is still good, I'll take it. Of course feel free to sell it for more since I wavered. Reconsidering because having an original tii wheel - even if I don't use it - could be a positive for an enthusiast interested in the car down the road. (Hopefully down a long road if my boys become the next caretakers.) Rich PS I don't do Ebay so if that queers the deal owing to listing rules, no worries.
  6. Hey Griz, Need these! An offer too good to pass up. Shipping to 60091. I'm in Greenville until Saturday but can paypal you shipping anytime. Rich
  7. Those are beautiful - and the car too! Great tires Great deal Better than my ATS wheels! GLWTS
  8. If you haven't already, you should advertise on r3vlimited. E30 owners are always looking for these

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