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  1. Always hated when companies mention a down force value with no mention of speed at said downforce. It's all theoretical until they can actually validate it.
  2. Looks great! How did you manage to match the loft/surface on the nose?
  3. This looks great! I'd look to do the same one day with my chamonix. Did you have any issues finding the matching marine blue leather/vinyl?
  4. Those look great!
  5. Good luck! I'd love to see the final result.
  6. I model for a living but I figured you could only get somewhat decent accuracy for 3d scanning them. I do wish I had a 3d printer, sounds like you could make a lot of prototypes.
  7. How'd you start? I'd like to model my own parts at some point.
  8. What wheels are those? They look sweet but wish they were 4X100.

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