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  1. Least Aerodynamic

    Seats for Chamonix

    This looks great! I'd look to do the same one day with my chamonix. Did you have any issues finding the matching marine blue leather/vinyl?
  2. Least Aerodynamic

    Valve Covers

  3. Least Aerodynamic

    Rims found

    Those look great!
  4. Least Aerodynamic

    Valve Covers

    Is the 71 still available?
  5. Least Aerodynamic

    67 1600 part out

    Are the front side markers still available?
  6. Least Aerodynamic

    1973 grill bracket help

    This thread might help you out a bit. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/236333-center-grille-question/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-1315701
  7. Least Aerodynamic

    CAD Models

    You could look into https://www.simscale.com/. Never used it but it was advertised a bit when I was in college. They offered a lot of demos-- some that were presented live for questions.
  8. Least Aerodynamic

    CAD Models

    You probably could but you would need them as shell or solid models. Been a few years since I've dabbled with STAR-CCM+ but can remember the struggles of simplifying overly complicated parts. As long you can open it in a CAD software, then you should be able to convert it as needed.
  9. Least Aerodynamic

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    I was thinking of getting these for my 4runner because they've got the latest LED tech. You can find some reviews on YouTube if you're interested. I will say they're not cheap but they're an easy plug and play. http://www.morimotohid.com/h4-led-headlight-bulbs-morimoto-2stroke.html
  10. Least Aerodynamic

    CAD Models

    Found the article but it looks to be a different model. https://petrolicious.com/articles/this-bmw-2002-is-a-model-of-perfection
  11. Least Aerodynamic

    CAD Models

    This looks perfect! The amount of detail seems almost as if it were meant for a racing simulator. I'm curious if it's the same one featured by Petrolicious a couple of years ago.
  12. Least Aerodynamic

    CAD Models

    Thanks for the link Simeon! Dudeland, it's less about spending money to get someone to do it for me but more about just designing custom parts to my taste. I have modeled in NX over the last couple of years and was curious to see if anyone else had thought about doing the same and had beaten me to going down that route. It's much easier to start from a baseline design than to start from scratch.
  13. Least Aerodynamic

    CAD Models

    Is anyone aware of existing 1:1 scaled models of 02s (e.g. nose, fenders, dash, etc.)? I'd like to start modeling some parts on the side to prototype. Any constructive input is appreciated.
  14. Least Aerodynamic

    Aluminium Radiator

    A short read from Rob Siegel's point of view https://www.bmwcca.org/content/tale-eight-radiators
  15. Least Aerodynamic

    Passenger Side Shock Tower Sheet Metal

    FYI, W&N is selling it for $45.63 with shipping. https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/repair-sheet-for-rear-wheelhousing-upper-part-right-fits-for-all-models-and-years-of-manufacturing-41-30-02.html