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  1. Least Aerodynamic

    Pirelli Centurato CN36 Tires

    $155 ea via performance plus and free shipping. Seems to be cheaper than Longstone and Lucas for the moment.
  2. Least Aerodynamic


  3. Least Aerodynamic

    Parting 1970 2002

    Do you have a dash and gauge cluster?
  4. Least Aerodynamic

    Side Mirrors

  5. Least Aerodynamic

    Side Mirrors

    Is the left flag mirror still available?
  6. Least Aerodynamic

    13 inch tires

    Sounds like a tire coyote is needed to get tires over the border
  7. Least Aerodynamic

    Modeling bits and bobs

    Good luck! I'd love to see the final result.
  8. Least Aerodynamic

    Modeling bits and bobs

    I model for a living but I figured you could only get somewhat decent accuracy for 3d scanning them. I do wish I had a 3d printer, sounds like you could make a lot of prototypes.
  9. Least Aerodynamic

    Modeling bits and bobs

    How'd you start? I'd like to model my own parts at some point.
  10. Least Aerodynamic

    looking for a 2002 video pre-Petrolicious

    @Jbaumshelterdo you have an inka or colorado? Saw one driving around SLC near pioneer park a few months ago.
  11. Least Aerodynamic

    Types of Dashboards

    Greatly appreciate all the feedback! I was not expecting this type of response. I will check my dash later and find out what I have. The gauge cluster has a wooden fascia with the emergency light switch to the far left facing upwards.
  12. Least Aerodynamic

    Types of Dashboards

    Can anyone explain the differences in the various dashboards that were made available to 2002s? I have a 71' and have been told the dashboard I have is from a later model and I would like to revert to an earlier one. Thanks.
  13. Least Aerodynamic

    Parting 2002s - Lots of Parts

    I'm looking for a left hand side rear vent window opener. Let me know if you have one, thanks!
  14. Least Aerodynamic


    What wheels are those? They look sweet but wish they were 4X100.