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  1. Wish you guys replying to 4 year old classified ads would do so with a PM.
  2. Most 4:11’s go for the price of fuel to pick them up. Not interested in price gouging sellers.
  3. Love to get $350 for mine. Not paying much more than $100 for the one I'm looking for.
  4. Don't go to too much trouble on my account. If it's original to the car, a '68 or '69 2002 will have a 3.64. A '67 thru '69 1600 will have a 4.11 (automatic 4.10.)
  5. Not very many choices at all. I had originally stated I was considering all (both) ratios. All replies have been for a 4.11. I am looking to replace a working 4.11 with a 3.64.
  6. Interested in a working long nose differential. All ratios considered. So Cal local pickup preffered. M_
  7. I see what you're seeing. Might just be the photo... that would have made a terrible racket!
  8. Got some gas on my hands, side of the car and the ground and went for a drive. First pics with the current set-up.
  9. I have a 32/36, jetted perfectly, elec choke, new shutoff solenoid, and a sync link that I would trade for the Dellortos'.
  10. yes... sanded and cleaned all posts and rotor. Ace Andrew told Toby soft mounts are garbage and only used by morons so😄... no soft mounts and all bolts tightened and manifold checked for leaks.
  11. Update... 4 weeks out. Swapped plug wire with number 2 cylinder, problem did not move to #2. Replaced wire and plug... no help. All cylinders compression tested at 140. Gotta be the head. Checking lash and leakdown test next. ...checked rocker clearance, all good. Pulling the carb to check for blockage next.
  12. Gotta assume you guys mean change out the wire with another one and not pull the number 2, 3 or 4 wire from the distro and put on the number 1 cylinder. This adventure would prove the plug wire is bad? It was "tested" with another spark plug on the wire with the motor running. Yes, very few hours since the valves were adjusted.
  13. There is a puffing sound from that intake. Spark good Fuel delivery good This is looking like a compression issue. Compression test, oil drain, and valve cover removal next weekend.
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