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  1. TVeye


    Don't you like pictures?
  2. You re-posted ALL those pictures to ask a simple question?
  3. Got a Brand new Tii unit in a box staring at me every time I go in the garage. Congrats on conquering this day. I hate brake fluid!
  4. Did you get a tracking number? It could take long time GI.
  5. "Karen in Missouri, She has a Dellorto idle jets for sale" Yep, she's got it all!
  6. Just checking to see if anyone wants to sell me some jets they're not using? Need 60's and CB Perf. is out of stock. Don't make me place another Eurocarb order. Will trade for 55's or 57's. Thanks, Mike_
  7. TVeye

    Performance Head Recommendations

    Sign me up for a sub $100, forged 2.0L crank.
  8. Finally got my wipers sorted (this happened over an 8 month period, only finished today.) Removed, unstuck, lubed and painted entire arm mechanism. Bench tested and diagnosed motor to have bad slow speed circuit. Found the switch to be grounding out on the back side of the dash...fixed? Replaced motor... Fixed worn out "park" track on replacement motor. Replaced switch (with the correct one for my car, not the one that came with the '72 dash) so the motor did not run all the time. Fixed relay so the motor did not run all the time. Cleaned out nozzles and replaced hoses. Replacement for pump (with broke off nipples) arriving Thursday. Now that everything is working...I can get to never using them again. Next is the other thing I'll never use, the heater box.
  9. TVeye

    BMW M10 engine

    Lee, where have you been? I've been waiting 4 years now.
  10. No manual but I got a big box of 90's tapes I'd like to sell you.
  11. That clip will not keep it from spinning. It's only there to keep it from pulling up. Just 2 days ago I destroyed a new short shift lever to get the aluminum shaft off so I could put the steel, threaded one back on. works great but a huge PITA.
  12. I got a Mangoletsi recently that had that problem but, not to that extent. The matting surface was good and I only needed to open up the carb hole a bit. It happens I guess.
  13. TVeye

    Heater deleate hose?

    My heater has been OFF for 10 years :)
  14. TVeye

    Heater deleate hose?

    How did you test? I can't imagine how restricting flow would increase cooling.
  15. TVeye

    Roll cage or not?

    I had a concussion a couple of times. I use a bubble wrapped bandana now.