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  1. So cool, thank you. Been thinking about a Nor Cal parts run. I'll get back to you. M_
  2. Klippan seat belts SOLD. 1600 Wheels and tires never got picked up by _______ so, still available. All other parts that are still pictured are still available.
  3. Those brackets were designed to mount the early bumper to the car. They do nothing to achieve the corrections required make this job acceptable.
  4. You only need 7 lbs. Change the clamps. Replace the hose every year ( like Ray said.) Have used the same unit, wet, for motorcycles and cars for many years.
  5. I think the millennials call that steam punk. Might look outa place if only one part was done that way.
  6. No chance that's gonna happen Almost a crime to put these nice wheels and tires on such a clapped out POS!
  7. These will be used and not hoarded. Greg gets my vote for FAQ seller of the year.
  8. The bushing set pictured is the set I believe PO ordered. He put the Diff bushings in backwards (big side in.) When he realized the pivot bushings were for a short neck diff subframe and not the smaller carrier long neck diff frame, guy just cut off one end and jammed 'em in there. Result was a binding, metal to metal, squeaking rear end and me having to do it right. He also did the old "flip the subframe mounting bushing" trick too.
  9. These have never looked right to me. With all the other examples of incompetency the "mechanic" previous owner has shown, I see no reason bushings should be excluded. He installed the uro diff bushings backwards. Enjoy,
  10. First off, I need 150 DHLA main jets. I would like to start a Dellorto parts exchange group/sticky. I might have something you need and blah, blah ,blah... Mike_
  11. Thanks, these were my covid project to avoid boredom. Polishing that lip is not for the faint of heart! The tires still lick arse though.
  12. Just ordered a set of Falken Azenis RT-660's. Hoping they don't rub anywhere on my et30 basket weaves. Does anyone want these Kumo Solis 195/60/14's? I'll bring 'em home if someone wants them, otherwise I'll leave them at the tire shop.
  13. I'll take $50 for everything. Fronts, Rears and Receiver.
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