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  1. If they're that tight, overnight with some PB buster or the like should do the trick. The Ratchet wrenches I've seen are usually larger than a socket and wouldn't improve leverage either.
  2. Open end wrenches only. Never been able to get a socket on any of them.
  3. Eagerly awaiting Round 2 so this can get real.
  4. a rising value in E21 parts has happend only because you can use them in a better car,
  5. In California the classic/hobby/hot rod car market is based on Smog regulations. People are paying stupid money for a pre '75 F-ing Mustang.
  6. Thread officially ruined; 1 hour ago Page 3 Just now
  7. There's no way I could instantly offend 60 FAQ members with one reply.
  8. $6000.00 OBO, Los Angeles Craigslist. Little rust, some parts removed.
  9. Don't you like pictures?
  10. You re-posted ALL those pictures to ask a simple question?
  11. TVeye


    Is that the original long nose Diff with CV's or has the whole thing been been changed out?
  12. So sad Photobucket got greedy. I'm doing the same thing, to the same car and, would love to see the pics.

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