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  1. Very nice. The kick in the pants at 4K is incredible.
  2. BTW...I never found that black unused wire in my early '69 1600. Had to run my own.
  3. TVeye

    WTB: 1600 driveshaft

    Looking for an early '69 type (3 flex disc) driveshaft. Only need the front half. Also will need a 3 bolt 245 flange for this. Mike_
  4. TVeye

    Thackery washers

    Was trying to keep this from a "you're an idiot if you use soft mount" discussion. As a motorcycle racer, we rubber mount everything... I'm not afraid of a better set up that includes maintenance... Looking for better or best. M_
  5. Wondering if anyone is using, or has an opinion about using, the spring (thackery) washers on their soft mount set up? M_
  6. TVeye

    FS: Factory 2002 front strut tubes.

    Interested in local pick up if still available.
  7. TVeye

    Trunk Lid

    I'm in CA but description says VA?
  8. TVeye

    Camber plate issue

    "There is not very much clearance between the mounts and spring caps. Another concern I have read about is that the spring caps can deform over the years, mushrooming up in the center. I will definitely be looking closer at mine, the next time I have it all apart. I may need to beat them back to flat. " Problem was solved within an hour of the post. No installer error was found. Was just asking if it was common.
  9. TVeye

    Camber plate issue

    With all due respect... couldn't be more wrong.
  10. Major scope creep the last 2 days has gone from motor mount stop install to brakes then fixed camber plates. The camber plate stud and nut hits the top of the spring perch where the end of spring sits. This, of course, strops the spring perch from rotating with the spring, on both sides, when turning lock to lock. Is this a common issue with the IE fixed camber plates?
  11. TVeye

    Lynx Manifold + Weber 45 DCOE Setup

    This coulda' sold in September if someone woulda' responded to a PM.