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  1. Negative, still looking . I’d be very interested if you have one .
  2. Looking for early (68) rear bumper center section no license plate light holes or holes for rubber strip .
  3. If rear bumper is still available I will take it
  4. Thanks much appreciated thanks , Steve
  5. Thanks for the information, I didn’t think it would be that complicated. Thanks !!!
  6. Having a heck of a time converting my 1968 1600 to electronic ignition would anyone happen to know the part number . The one I purchased 91847a didn’t work any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance
  7. I’m looking for an early (1968) driver side sunvisor . Both sides all white . Thanks Steve
  8. Thanks, everyone’s effort is much appreciated.
  9. Looking for an early (1968) driver side sun visor , white both sides . Thanks
  10. Curley


    1968 1600 registered as a 1969 anyone who knows previous owner or owners please contact me . Thanks
  11. Looking for an early drivers side sun visor (1968) white on both sides . Thanks Steve
  12. I’m looking for an early driver side (1968) sun visor , white both sides . Thanks
  13. I’m very interested, haven’t purchased anything from the forum yet . So let me know how to get this done with you .
  14. Can you send me pictures and a price . Thanks
  15. Chrome is nice but bumper looks to have quite a few small dents. Looking for no dents, decent chrome . Thanks
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