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  1. spuriouspseudo

    3D Printing, Sunroof Cables, and Hate

    Hey, my pleasure! Glad it worked out. I plan on jumping into the gooseneck mirror trim thread once it warms up around here. Yeah, the mistake I made on my first posting was to use the BMW stamped number that was on the original slider... From there I'm sure that it was just a bot that was chasing it.
  2. spuriouspseudo

    3D Printing, Sunroof Cables, and Hate

    Hey wow! That's my vid... Love to see that it worked out for you, great write up! I'd like to try to do another set and get some better video of the actual swap of the metallic components into the new printed part. I had to do the same thing with my printed parts - drill or hone the holes, but then I heated the metal and melted them into position. It took a couple of attempts to get the temperature just right. I'll post the link here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3079184 you can also search thingyverse for spuriouspseudo To add to your hate, I've had to be careful on how I name and post the parts and where the links are posted. BMW has done a couple takedowns due to IP infringement - hence the latest name of "aftermarket sunroof slide". So far, out of the ABS mine have lasted a whole season. Also, to recap/recrimp the ends I used these:
  3. spuriouspseudo

    CKD on BaT!

    So nice... Man, I'm just gonna scrape these photos for reference to know what my car's supposed to look like.
  4. Yeah... But, well... err no, you're right. Ya gotta defend the ugly cousins, though.
  5. Ooooh... I'm gonna come to the defense of the X3. By no means sporty like a 2002, but our family rocks a 2006 Manual 6sp X3 as our main chariot. It's gotta be the best vehicle I've ever owned. Plus, with a set of winters it's monstrous in the snow. It's pretty simple and pure on the inside, super-duper capable, and surprisingly fun to drive.
  6. spuriouspseudo

    Camp Fire, Paradise CA

    On to the next adventure! I'm glad you're safe and made it out. I can't imagine dealing with this devastation, I'm sure the nest steps will be difficult, but you made it out.
  7. I don't know that there is much... Rear seats, dash and instruments all look to be original. The engine and drive train has been updated over the years, along with front lights and grills. Now, it's possible that this roof has been grafted on - I don't really have a lot of evidence to support this, but when I was installing seat belt lugs on the upper B-pillar the transition to roof looked a little suspect to me... But it was made in the 60's. Could be that it's a really well done transplant, or a factory install that could have been better. If anyone knows how the B-pillar to roof transition should look, let me know - I'll post some pics of mine if I can.
  8. spuriouspseudo

    Weber 32/36 issues

    On the note of sluggish, make sure that your throttle linkage is opening the second stage - you may have to adjust. Get someone to push the throttle pedal down to the floor and check that everything is opening as it should.
  9. I think I fit in with the criteria - I know that I have a pretty low VIN for a my68... Car is currently badged as a 2002, wearing blue paint, but was originally manufactured as a white 1600; from BMW Group: "The Vin 1560035 belongs to a BMW 1600 US which was manufactured on September 06th, 1967 and delivered on September 14th, 1967 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Chamonix, paint code 085" It's had a bunch of parts and swaps done over the years, so it's a bit of a mixed bag.
  10. Awesome... But, C'mon - handcuffing to that handle wouldn't be the *most* effective, in my experience. Also, I make that same face when I unlatch the hood.
  11. spuriouspseudo

    Only 15 Canadian members?

    Good luck! Should be a great drive, soak it up!
  12. Fixed up my wiring - repinned the old harness right into the new H4 connector. So far so good, been running a week now, still get the ghost indicator light, but all is working otherwise, including the hazards. One thing though, and it did this before the change to the new flasher - When the car is off and the signal stalk selector is set to left or right; the front left signal, both rear signals and the reverse lights stay on. I know that some older cars had an option to set the parking lights of the car to one side or the other, via the turn indicator - is this what's going on?
  13. spuriouspseudo

    Sunroof repair recommendation

    Posted up the slides again here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3079184 Hopefully BMW doesn't hit me with another takedown.
  14. spuriouspseudo

    Fixed My shifter!

    Got my shifter all fixed up... The connection between the upper and lower shift lever is still a little off - pops up sometimes.I might be missing the circlip:
  15. spuriouspseudo

    Road Trip!

    Hey, thanks! - They're a lot of fun to make. The trip wasn't too bad, if you were in the front seat you could really eat up the miles... Only one guy ended up doing a double-shift in the backseat (4hrs) - he was pretty grumpy after that. That Pennask Lake drive looks pretty epic - I'd love to get a mountain road trip in someday. I'll get out west sooner or later - just need to figure out how to get the car there on a budget without eating up an extra 4 days of driving... One of my bucket list drives is Vancouver to San Diego, but I also want to make sure that I do it in an awesome car! I'd also like to do a drive from London to one of the big West-Coast meets.