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  1. spuriouspseudo

    Sunroof repair recommendation

    Oh wow! BMW filed an intellectual property take-down against it. I'll have to get it posted somewhere else... Or maybe I'll just have to call it a universal sunroof repair kit.
  2. spuriouspseudo

    Sunroof repair recommendation

    I did a video of my repair, not the most detailed how-to, but you'll see what you need to get into. I used 3d printed parts that are linked in the video comments and these to redo the crimps: Here's the vid:
  3. spuriouspseudo

    Quik-N-Easy rack purchase

    Looks great! Love the bike, too. Could you post a shot from the front to show how high off the roof the rack sits? Thanks.
  4. spuriouspseudo

    Only 15 Canadian members?

    Hey, I'm just down the road in London... I'm pretty sure my company (in Dorchester) is working with you guys on some fuel system components for one of our projects. We had a decent order of some custom check valves and other fittings. Anyway, joined up to the club just now - I've been out for a few drives this spring.
  5. spuriouspseudo


    I don't think that it's the long-nose... I'm still learning, but from the drawings I've seen it looks like it's been swapped.
  6. spuriouspseudo

    History Help - 1968 1600-2

    Steve everyone, thanks for all of the info... Pretty neat to find all of this out. I couldn't find a serial stamped into the block, but i'll keep looking. I did manage to get a couple of photos of the casting numbers - is this block from '85, so a replacement? I've got some photos of the interior below, too.
  7. spuriouspseudo

    Exhaust installed

    Got the Ansa and Starla Note parts installed. Looks real nice and installed in a snap. Check it out:
  8. spuriouspseudo

    History Help - 1968 1600-2

    Certificate of title says 2006, but it doesn't go int much detail other than that... There's no date on the California reg record.
  9. spuriouspseudo

    History Help - 1968 1600-2

    Heard back from bmwgroup: "The Vin 1560035 belongs to a BMW 1600 US which was manufactured on September 06th, 1967 and delivered on September 14th, 1967 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Chamonix, paint code 085"
  10. spuriouspseudo

    History Help - 1968 1600-2

    The clutch is definitely hydraulic... Had to replace the slave last year when I started the project.
  11. spuriouspseudo

    History Help - 1968 1600-2

    Done and done - Once I have the reply I'll post it up Thanks! I have making them - Keeps me from rushing any work. I'll post up some pics of the manifold, but I suspect that this isn't the original engine - you never know. The seats aren't original, but I'll get some photos of the interior up, too Ah good, I was wondering if this is the original mill - I'll see if I can find a stamping and grab some pics. Thanks everyone! Great info. I'll get some more pics up tonight, some of the engine bay and the interior.
  12. I inherited what I though was a 2002 from my cousin, but upon cruising this site I've discovered that it might be a 1600-2. Someone posted up the following history from a vin registry: 1560035 1968 1967 1600-2 Saloon Manual running Atlantik Black for sale Sep '06 Roadfly Seller - Edward Kurek Buffalo NY ~Aug '67 This is indeed the car, VIN 1560035. Looked through my cousin's paperwork and he bought the car in Toronto from Edward. In Ontario it's registered as an "1968 BMW 02". Previously it came from Iowa where it was registered as a 1602... And before that it was from California. According to VIN look-ups, it seems that it's one of the first of a batch built in September 1967. If you can add anything to what this car is, history, anything at all, I'd appreciate it - I'm new to the community and have a lot to learn. One question I have is: Should it be badged as a 2002, or did someone add this along the way?
  13. spuriouspseudo


    Sorry to hear that... It's strange picking up someone else's project - I've got a lot to learn about 2002s I have a Sony version of a GoPro, and a total knock-off - Plus sometimes I bring out an SLR... I'm hoping to improve and capture some more mechanical stuff with the big camera. I've been wrenching on cars for years and I've tried a few creepers, but they never took... I always just end up worming my way around the floor. Good luck with your project.
  14. spuriouspseudo


    Thanks. Hey, yeah - seeing that footage after the fact makes me think I need to work a little safer. It does take a while to edit down the video, but I mostly do it while I'm just vegging out in front of the TV - the side effect of taping is that I don't rush the work, almost like, you'll do better work helping on a friend's car and cut corners on your own.
  15. spuriouspseudo

    1968. Pulled out of a shed. WI.

    This is the car... Bill of sale when my cousin bought the car was from Edward - My cousin was also in Toronto. ... Looked at my reg and it's listed as an "02" for the model. The car looks like it was in Iowa before it came to Canada, where it was registered as a 1602.