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  1. Awesome! Thanks. Miraculously, seems to have freed up. Did everything on the bench and nothing moves. While I was buttoning up to put it back it the garage it started behaving normally. I think that it must have been bouncing around because of a very loose insert collar. All tight now, and I don't know what I did to get it to move, but I'll take it. Test drive was great, but I'll keep my eye on it.
  2. Can anyone confirm that these strut inserts are Bilstein 34-000250? Stamping on the part is 25006P30 0025H0... my right side has tapped out, seized up and down but rotates freely.
  3. Did my own little design and print, hoping to install on the passenger side this weekend... I think my dims are a little off, that or ninjaflex shrinks a little. Once I have a good set I'll share my files.
  4. Took some time over the long weekend to rebuild my side drafts?
  5. I chased a similar issue only to find that the fuse on the signal circuit had unseated and arced out... Cleaned the contacts tightened/closed up the seating span and all was well. Maybe worth a shot.
  6. 1998 V70R. Also picked up an engine with it. Also should have never sold it.
  7. Check to make sure that all of your fuses are seated properly... I just spent hours chasing no signal on the turn, but hazards work, only for it to be the fuse acting up. Also, check your grounds. I used the EL-131 I don't know if my stalk is original, but I have 6 wires for the signals, plus one for the individual wipe feature.
  8. One argument to removing it: More and more insurance companies won't insure a car if you have a cage. I'm pretty sure that you can get nice affordable insurance from Hagerty, but they won't touch a car that has a cage - at least in Ontario, anyway.
  9. Hey, my pleasure! Glad it worked out. I plan on jumping into the gooseneck mirror trim thread once it warms up around here. Yeah, the mistake I made on my first posting was to use the BMW stamped number that was on the original slider... From there I'm sure that it was just a bot that was chasing it.
  10. Hey wow! That's my vid... Love to see that it worked out for you, great write up! I'd like to try to do another set and get some better video of the actual swap of the metallic components into the new printed part. I had to do the same thing with my printed parts - drill or hone the holes, but then I heated the metal and melted them into position. It took a couple of attempts to get the temperature just right. I'll post the link here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3079184 you can also search thingyverse for spuriouspseudo To add to your hate, I've had to be careful on how I name and post the parts and where the links are posted. BMW has done a couple takedowns due to IP infringement - hence the latest name of "aftermarket sunroof slide". So far, out of the ABS mine have lasted a whole season. Also, to recap/recrimp the ends I used these:
  11. So nice... Man, I'm just gonna scrape these photos for reference to know what my car's supposed to look like.
  12. Yeah... But, well... err no, you're right. Ya gotta defend the ugly cousins, though.
  13. Ooooh... I'm gonna come to the defense of the X3. By no means sporty like a 2002, but our family rocks a 2006 Manual 6sp X3 as our main chariot. It's gotta be the best vehicle I've ever owned. Plus, with a set of winters it's monstrous in the snow. It's pretty simple and pure on the inside, super-duper capable, and surprisingly fun to drive.
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