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  1. 1998 V70R. Also picked up an engine with it. Also should have never sold it.
  2. Hey, thanks! - They're a lot of fun to make. The trip wasn't too bad, if you were in the front seat you could really eat up the miles... Only one guy ended up doing a double-shift in the backseat (4hrs) - he was pretty grumpy after that. That Pennask Lake drive looks pretty epic - I'd love to get a mountain road trip in someday. I'll get out west sooner or later - just need to figure out how to get the car there on a budget without eating up an extra 4 days of driving... One of my bucket list drives is Vancouver to San Diego, but I also want to make sure that I do it in an awesome car! I'd also like to do a drive from London to one of the big West-Coast meets.
  3. spuriouspseudo

    Road Trip!

    I've nailed down a few more projects: Steering, seatbelts and more, but that all lead to a massive road trip. The goal was to replicate a drive from Ontario to BC, intended to reunite my cousin with his car. Sadly he passed - so this was a tribute to prove that the car would have made the epic trek. The route was to go from London, Ontario to the end of the James Bay Road - right on the edge of the Arctic Ocean: Here's the vid - It's a little long, but I hope it inspires more crazy trips!
  4. I don't think that it's the long-nose... I'm still learning, but from the drawings I've seen it looks like it's been swapped.
  5. Got the Ansa and Starla Note parts installed. Looks real nice and installed in a snap. Check it out:
  6. Sorry to hear that... It's strange picking up someone else's project - I've got a lot to learn about 2002s I have a Sony version of a GoPro, and a total knock-off - Plus sometimes I bring out an SLR... I'm hoping to improve and capture some more mechanical stuff with the big camera. I've been wrenching on cars for years and I've tried a few creepers, but they never took... I always just end up worming my way around the floor. Good luck with your project.
  7. Thanks. Hey, yeah - seeing that footage after the fact makes me think I need to work a little safer. It does take a while to edit down the video, but I mostly do it while I'm just vegging out in front of the TV - the side effect of taping is that I don't rush the work, almost like, you'll do better work helping on a friend's car and cut corners on your own.
  8. Last Monday we had a late spring ice storm - the up side is power went out at work so I got a few extra hours in the garage. I was able to open up my dif, add a seal and fill it up with fresh fluid... Made a new vid:
  9. Exhaust arrived from Pelican Parts... Got the Ansa and Starla Note combo. New hangers and accessories, too. With some luck I'll have it installed and running this weekend.
  10. Did some work on the exhaust... I was hoping to save the pipes, but I've decided to replace the parts. I think that I'd just be chasing my tail if I tried to patch it up. Put in an order at Pelican for: Muffler (Front) Brand: Ansa Note: (1968 BMW 2002 Base Coupe) Part #: 18-12-1-245-265-M125 Muffler (Rear) Brand: Starla Note: , Fits Auto Transmission (1968 BMW 2002 Base Coupe) Part #: 18-12-1-245-484-M235 I also orderd some hanger parts and gaskets... With some luck I'll be up and running soon.
  11. I've been helping my cousin Lukas revive his '68 2002. He parked it 8 or 9 years ago moved out of country and left it to sit. Back in 2016 he moved back but was on the other side of the country - so I was his remote set of hands... We were working together to get the car going so that we could do an epic road trip from Ontario to BC. Sadly, he was hit by a car while riding his bike and passed away last summer... His wife passed the car on to me and I aim to execute his vision. I'm on a budget, so it may take me a while. This summer's goal is to get the car rolling enough to do a crazy car trip to the Hudson Bay. So far I've worked on the suspension, headlights, sunroof, battery and the front grills. I've been doing some videos of the action:
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