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  1. Awesome... But, C'mon - handcuffing to that handle wouldn't be the *most* effective, in my experience. Also, I make that same face when I unlatch the hood.
  2. spuriouspseudo

    Only 15 Canadian members?

    Good luck! Should be a great drive, soak it up!
  3. Fixed up my wiring - repinned the old harness right into the new H4 connector. So far so good, been running a week now, still get the ghost indicator light, but all is working otherwise, including the hazards. One thing though, and it did this before the change to the new flasher - When the car is off and the signal stalk selector is set to left or right; the front left signal, both rear signals and the reverse lights stay on. I know that some older cars had an option to set the parking lights of the car to one side or the other, via the turn indicator - is this what's going on?
  4. spuriouspseudo

    Sunroof repair recommendation

    Posted up the slides again here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3079184 Hopefully BMW doesn't hit me with another takedown.
  5. spuriouspseudo

    Fixed My shifter!

    Got my shifter all fixed up... The connection between the upper and lower shift lever is still a little off - pops up sometimes.I might be missing the circlip:
  6. spuriouspseudo

    Road Trip!

    Hey, thanks! - They're a lot of fun to make. The trip wasn't too bad, if you were in the front seat you could really eat up the miles... Only one guy ended up doing a double-shift in the backseat (4hrs) - he was pretty grumpy after that. That Pennask Lake drive looks pretty epic - I'd love to get a mountain road trip in someday. I'll get out west sooner or later - just need to figure out how to get the car there on a budget without eating up an extra 4 days of driving... One of my bucket list drives is Vancouver to San Diego, but I also want to make sure that I do it in an awesome car! I'd also like to do a drive from London to one of the big West-Coast meets.
  7. spuriouspseudo

    Steering Wheel Thread

    Man, those floor mats are awesome - where'd you pick them up?
  8. spuriouspseudo

    Road Trip!

    I've nailed down a few more projects: Steering, seatbelts and more, but that all lead to a massive road trip. The goal was to replicate a drive from Ontario to BC, intended to reunite my cousin with his car. Sadly he passed - so this was a tribute to prove that the car would have made the epic trek. The route was to go from London, Ontario to the end of the James Bay Road - right on the edge of the Arctic Ocean: Here's the vid - It's a little long, but I hope it inspires more crazy trips!
  9. spuriouspseudo

    4 speed transmission fluid

    Thanks, the car is a '68 - It's actually a 1600-02 that was rebadged and a 2l swap at some point in its life. We only had overheat issues on super-hot days when in traffic - never touched the red but it came close. Before the trip I did several rad flushes - which helped a lot, but it is still a concern... I've been running Ultra 94 which the car seems to really like, but on that trip, especially on the James Bay Road we had terrible gas. The car has never dieseled so much on shut down. Still, I get some dieseling from time to time, so I might have a timing/mixture issue... Gonna get the local BMW carb pro to take a look and if that doesn't give a solid temp I'll probably do an electric fan and a newer rad, but until then I'll give the V-Power a shot on the next tank.
  10. spuriouspseudo

    4 speed transmission fluid

    Good luck! I just did a long trip up the James Bay Road - it was a lot of fun! We did a Road trip video, it's a bit long, but could get you into the '02 roadtrip mood:
  11. Wait... what, you don't think this is gonna work out? Ha! - I was just so exited that it worked I got to posting... More to see if anyone has figured out the ghost flashing, but my vid didn't post - it's there now. ... I had expected a connector on the end of the factory loom, so I set up the pigtail adapter (H4 headlight connector) with spades, like others have done. The connector must have disintegrated years ago, so I was just left with the internals. I just plugged it in to see if it would all work - at first it didn't until I did my professional hook up of the ground, then, presto! The new flasher also seems to have fixed my hazard functionality, it didn't work before. Anyway, next step will be to hardware the new connector onto the harness and get a covered spade for the ground.
  12. I had the same effect, just a couple extra flashes inside after the cancel. I used the EL13L1, with the ground out of the top of it hooked up to the original ground pin - Works great other than the extra couple of interior flashes. 20180821_194042.mp4
  13. spuriouspseudo

    4 speed transmission fluid

    I use Liqui Moly 75w90 - Works great and easy to come by.
  14. spuriouspseudo

    Sunroof repair recommendation

    Oh wow! BMW filed an intellectual property take-down against it. I'll have to get it posted somewhere else... Or maybe I'll just have to call it a universal sunroof repair kit.
  15. spuriouspseudo

    Sunroof repair recommendation

    I did a video of my repair, not the most detailed how-to, but you'll see what you need to get into. I used 3d printed parts that are linked in the video comments and these to redo the crimps: Here's the vid: