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  1. I'm not sure to go for 6" or 7" ,every advice is welcome.
  2. I found these for sale but wondering if they will come out right without any mod? Thank you in advance.
  3. Misunderstanding bought and found out later that it's not 02 but NK. It's actually unused but due to bad storage , there's some rash on chrome ( hardly seen) and the gasket is not in useable condition. Lens is mint no crack no scratch. Asking $120 shipped to world wide. Paypal only.
  4. 1. Alan Albanir (paid) (ships next week) 2. @steve k. (paid) (ships next week) 3. Andrew Adams (no payment yet) 4. Kyle Schultzchael Reinhart (Otisdog) (no payment) 5. Brian Bertotti 6. Steven Cappel 7.Shiphigh Montri
  5. He tried to offer me a hood molding after i posted a WTB topic. Luckily i saw this post before making payment!
  6. #51131804113 Want it new or used with no dent , ding condition. Let me know if you have it for sale. Thanks.
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