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  1. Hey, Folks. At Vintage last spring, I met a guy who specializes in speedometer calibration, but can't find his card now. He's definitely in the east somewhere, maybe someone out there can help me remember - or recommend someone who did a good job repairing your gauge cluster / re-calibrated your speedometer. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!
  2. Hey, Gang. I'm trying to find the small gasket that lines the top of the wing window above and outside the glass itself. What's left looks like it might have been foam or felt once upon a time. Apparently this is NLA, from what I've heard, but I seem to recall Mike Self talking about this part in his 02 Cents Worth column recently. Anyone have a source or a good kluge? https://www.google.com/search?q=bmw+51321803813&client=firefox-b-1-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwib_5XUgOzhAhWGMd8KHXNiBBsQ_AUIDigB&biw=1280&bih=658#imgrc=_VXvPkvyqZXxDM: Looks like a useless link there, but if you google the part #, you'll see an exploded diagram of the wing window. The gasket would ride along the top of # 3 in the diagram. Thanks!
  3. Hey, Gang. Thanks again for all of your replies about tires and the many links to find good 13" rubber. I have a couple questions about suspension and steering. The rear end of my car feels like I have a solid axle suspension set up - very harsh on rough surfaces. I had the spring perches replaced last summer and the rear inspected, but am wondering if it's time for new shocks all around. I can't even remember how long ago that I put Bilstein HD's at all four corners while retaining stock springs. I would guestimate around 60 K miles, but in terms of time, it was probably 20 years ago, maybe more. These are original springs. Replace them? Replace the shocks? If I go with something like Eibachs, which will lower the car, should I be using different Bilsteins? Also, steering box seems to be pretty worn out. Can they be rebuilt, or can new ones still be had? Probably expensive if so. Any advice will be appreciated!
  4. Hey, Gang. Anyone know about currently available 13" performance tires? A guy I met at Mid America mentioned some tires available in England that he had shipped over here, can't remember what they were. Any suggestions appreciated, I've reached the end of my rope with the junk I have on the car at the moment. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, everyone. Will try relays with the 55 watters, see how that looks. Headlights are properly aimed. hth, tried the search function right away, put in "headlight upgrades" and got nothing. I thought that was pretty strange. Thanks for the link. Beautiful car, Steve!
  6. Hello, All. New member here, this has probably been discussed ad-infinitum, but I feel like I'm driving by candle light at night in my '72 '02. I just installed Hella H4 conversion lamps and it still sucks. What are the highest wattage bulbs I can use without running relays, and where do you get them? I believe the kit came with 55 watt bulbs, which is totally inadequate - even dangerous. If need be, I'll do the relays to get better light. I just need to know a Hella part number and where to buy them. Thanks! Bob
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