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  1. Unable to click in to the message box in the PM function for some reason. Will try again later. Alternatively, [email protected]
  2. I would like the grey german square weave please and thank you. PM incoming
  3. New tan carpet kit from Only 02's. Going a different color presuming I get there some day. Sells $215 new, asking $160 shipped CONUS
  4. I’m in, sent you a pm. Thanks for organizing!
  5. klorda

    '74-76 bumpers

    Here are some photos of some that I have. I’d say condition is decent. Metal is good, rubber is 45 years old...I’m actually hoping to go the small bumper route so maybe a trade if these interest you and yours are of interest to me or keep me in mind if you sell yours.
  6. I’m interested as well if SD2003 falls through. Will send PM in a moment too.
  7. I’m interested in the set or just the sides depending on price if jrhone picks up the center...
  8. klorda


  9. PM'ed if hasn't already been spoken for by "btwiceborn"
  10. I’ve got two pairs. Both have a little bit of pollen and rain on them so photos aren’t great. Pair on the brown car in better condition than tan car, some cracking on one of the tan bellows. Happy to pull them and take more photos if you’re interested. Make offer, shipped from Oregon. Kevin

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