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  1. That looks like just the right setup for me. How often do you have to empty the catch can? Do you notice it fills more during “spirited driving “? Does the vapor mess up the inside of your air cleaner? Did you get the hoses off the shelf at an auto parts store? I’m thinking I might also follow Toby‘s advice and shove some stainless steel kitchen scrubber in the first hose to catch/condense the oil so that it can drip back into the valve cover Thx! Jeff
  2. We’re trying for 14.7 on the gauge, right? I am concerned about running too rich and dumping unburned fuel out the tailpipe. I have a 145 primary air corrector, no gauge though
  3. Ha! I love the copper faucet! You don’t mess around Tom. I have the Weber 32/36 jetted according to C. D.eisle’s specs w/ rectangle filter and the car goes like a scalded cat. So l’m not inclined to go back to the stock air cleaner. Too much fabbing, prepping, painting and waxing Maybe someday Jeff
  4. Hi Toby, I was hoping you’d respond because in an earlier thread you said yours puked a crazy volume of oil, filling your catch can after just a few minutes of driving. I’m assuming you were on the track then (I’m planning on taking my car on the track too). So, does your puked oil now go back into the intake? Also, years ago read a remark here that I attribute to you. I bought my car from the original owner and it needed everything refreshed. In trying to decide which parts to buy for track use I came across your (I think) remark to keep the car bone stock, learn to drive a slow car fast, then upgrade parts as you find their limits. Seemed very wise to me so that’s what lm gonna do. Thanks Jeff
  5. That is a fine looking air cleaner! Didn’t you used to have a little snorkel in there that you made from a curved piece of hose you found it at wrecking yard? I may start with the straight hose/ no catch can method (utilizing the KISS principle) to see how it goes. I probably won’t be waxing the inside of the air cleaner though 🙂 Jeff
  6. Hi John, yet another solution! Why does this happen? It couldn’t be a design flaw… no one would even suggest such a thing. BTW I referenced a great sketch of the smog system, that was yours, thx! Jeff
  7. I’ve been pouring over all the threads on this and I think it would be great if some of you wise gentlepersons would drive a stake through it’s greasy heart. I have a de-smogged “75 (in Sahara!) The following are my assumptions, please feel free to set me straight: -Original design was to let valve cover breath, and burn any gasses (not oil) by dumping them back into the carb (just a hose from valve cover to the air cleaner) -Original design didn’t take into account a worn motor with blowby pushing oil into the hose (almost all our motors are worn now, right?). Culprit is worn rings? -I’ve made a lot more assumptions I can’t think of right now If stock is a hose straight to the carb what did the original engineers intend? And if that doesn’t work now what do we do? I think it would be best to keep the oil inside the motor (modify inside of valve cover)? Not practical 2nd best: let oil drool back into the valve cover by making the hose long with a continuous slope back to the valve cover Not practical 3rd: catch can/breather with a drain to the oil pan/crankcase Not doin that 4th: catch can/breather with a hose to the carb My current plan 5th: catch can/breather with hose to the street below nope 6th: hose from valve cover straight to the carb (like stock?) and clean out your air cleaner as needed? Else, let it blow & keep yer fingers xed? All that’s for the liquid oil, but… The vapor/atomized oil/unburned hydrocarbons (what’s in there anyway)? Seems like the original engineers thought it was a good idea to make it a more or less closed system and run the vapor through the motor again Diagrams & sketch (great sketch drawn by a member, can’t remember his name) of smog systems seem to not include the hose. The outlet on the valve cover is just open to the atmosphere??!!! So not important from an emissions standpoint? (back to: what’s in that vapor anyway?) Also, what kind of driving are we doing? I assume most of us take the car on “spirited drives” so the system would need to be able to handle that. But what about on the track? Toby says his car pukes oil out of that hole but I imagine he has a highly modified motor and very sticky tires. If he’s pulling 1 lateral g in a right hand sweeper at speed, from the motors point of view it’s like he tipped the car up on 2 wheels and hit the throttle. I can see some oil finding its way out that hole. Maybe 1 system for the track and 1 for normal hooning? Thanks!
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