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  1. Thanks Ed for your helpful and detailed reply. Any idea of how thick the fuel lines are? Wallothnesch sells both 8mm and 6mm. My car has the standard 2x dbl Solex. ???
  2. Hi guys, My 2000CS was running fine until yesterday. It will typically start with 3-4 tries. But yesterday it wouldn't. I checked the fuel line and seems that there is no fuel supply. I have a transparent filter which is typically 1/4 full of fuel. Like that it would work fine. But it was dry yesterday. I manually made petrol circulate and fill a bit the filter. After some tries it will become dry again. I am suspecting that the fuel pump does not work. It is a mechanical one. Is there a way to test it? Could it be that it can be repaired? What would the membrane in it do? Any help is appreciated, Best, Kyr

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