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  1. Funds should be there. Thanks again, Steve
  2. Fair enough John. I appreciate it. Money headed to your paypsl Thanks Steve Wittler 11830 Burchard Rd Soddy Daisy, TN. 37379
  3. Hey John, just got home and I'm able to see the pics a little better on my computer. Is the machined surface still good where it slips on the crankshaft? No burring or scaring ? I read where you had one that was run with the big nut loose. Is this the same one? Thanks, Steve
  4. Looks good. PM me with price, PayPal stuff, etc. thanks, Steve
  5. Thanks so much. Look forward to seeing it. Steve
  6. I know it has to have the k-fish belt sprocket and I assume the outer pulley bolts on but not sure what it's made of. I'm sure there are folks (on here) that know more about it than I do. Thanks so much, Steve
  7. WTB: I'm in search of a lower crankshaft pulley for a 74 Tii A/C car. Was hoping to find one at Vintage but no cigar. Shoot me a price and picture of what you have. Thanks, Steve
  8. PM'd ya on the a/c parts
  9. I just need the (black) ring that secures the sealed beam bulb in place on a 74-76. thanks, Steve
  10. I posted a want ad awhile back needing a good headlight ring for my 74 Tii. If you've got one and coming to Vintage, look me up at Hot Springs on Saturday. PM me for contact info Thanks, Steve

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