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  1. Rich Elliott

    1974 BMW 2002tii Turkis

    Beautiful! Check out my Turkis Tii on Instagram...
  2. Rich Elliott


    PM sent for console sides.
  3. Rich Elliott

    WTB Behr AC front panel (plastic)

    Three years later.... still interested? I have one.
  4. Rich Elliott

    She's got a nose!

    Looks awesome! Good job!
  5. Hi All! I just wanted to share a video my son made of me cutting the rear panel off my 1970 BMW 2002 a few nights ago. Someone at some point before me had installed a square tail.... it's got to go! (WARNING: IF YOU ARE OVER 40, YOU MIGHT WANT TO MUTE THE MUSIC.... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) ;--) Enjoy!!! YouTube: p.s. Check out my Instagram at:
  6. Rich Elliott

    How many '74 Turkis Tiis ?

    I'll contact BMW archives and see what they say. I'll let you all know!
  7. Rich Elliott

    How many '74 Turkis Tiis ?

    Super Awesome. Thanks Glen!
  8. Rich Elliott

    How many '74 Turkis Tiis ?

    Thanks Conserv! Awesome information here! I'm gonna see the car in person in early December. I'll take a closer look at the interior. My friend is having trouble getting the car to start, so we are going to see what we can do to start it. If we can't get it to start, we may need to trailer it down from Renton to Portland.
  9. Does anyone know how many '74 Turkis Tiis were imported? My friend, Greg, just inherited one from his brother, who lived in Renton. Since Turkis was a rare color and Tiis are even more rare, I would think that there were not that many Turkis Tiis imported in 1974. But, I'm finding more and more as I look around. So far, I know of three: 1) Andy: 2) This one selling for $56k: (No affiliation) 3) My friend, Greg, just inherited this one...
  10. Rich Elliott

    Tii Refresh finally complete

    Beautiful! Love the color! Any idea how many '74 Turkis Tiis are out there? There cant be that many, can there? The three I know of: 1) Yours 2) This one selling for $56k: (No affiliation) 3) My friend, Greg, just inherited one...
  11. WTB Driver's side Deep Dish Grill in decent condition. I will pay good money for one in decent shape. I currently have a deep dish on the passenger side and shallow dish on the driver's side. I would like them both to match. You can contact me on this board or through Instagram: @LowKeyBimmer ) Thanks, Rich Elliott
  12. Rich Elliott

    license plate holder

    PM sent!
  13. Rich Elliott

    World of speed C & C

    Nice ride, Carlos!
  14. Rich Elliott

    License Plate Lights - OMG

    Count me in!
  15. Rich Elliott

    Introduction >> New 2002 Owner

    Hey Mike, Thanks! I got the '70 driving and have been having fun at Cars and Coffee and other events. It's been cool meeting and chatting with other local BMW nuts. I plan on trying to fix the pin rust holes behind the sunroof myself. My '70 2002 car is definitely NOT rust free. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression earlier. It just does not have the kind of structural rust that makes me afraid to jack it up and get underneath it like my '76 does. I'm planning out my winter time projects and want to get the roof pin holes and rust taken care of first. The roof and all of the related sun-roof components of my '76 are rust free, so I can use as many of those parts as I need. I'm trying to determine if I should skin my '70 and move everything over from the '76, or if I should just attempt the smaller project of sanding the rust on the interior ceiling, cutting out the rust holes and then fixing them. Tons of POR-15 on the interior roof would be included with this easier method. Can you point me in the direction of that column you were talking about? It would be greatly appreciated if you could do this. You could even e-mail it to me at richelliott99 at Anything you can do for me to help figure out how to fix these rust ceiling issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich Elliott p.s. If you are interested, I have setup a new Instagram accounting, showing more photos of my build. You can see it at: