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  1. This sale is currently pending. I will update this thread if the sale does not go through. Rich
  2. No rebuild work has been done on it since I purchased it. I was told the car it came out of had less than 100k on it, but I have no proof of that. It shifts through the gears good. Also, I have the E21 linkage stuff, which I can throw it. I'm going to try to attach the shifter and make a video of shifting through the gears.
  3. BTW... It's in super clean shape. The reason I'm selling is because I am going forward with my BMW M3 S14 swap and I've decided to use the 265 that came with my S14.
  4. Hello, I am selling my Getrag 245 5 Speed transmission. See my CraigsList ad for more info and pics... https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/pts/d/portland-getrag-speed-transmission-bmw/7232619449.html Thanks, Rich Elliott
  5. I'm not affiliated with, related to, or knowledge of this seller, but I saw this Getrag 245 transmission on Craigslist and thought I would pass it on... https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/pts/d/ridgefield-getrag-speed-transmission/7223258983.html
  6. Just lowered price again! Need to clear out my garage and get some more money back after buying that S14 engine!
  7. Brand new / never mounted Cannon 2893 intake manifold. Came with weber 38/38 kit but I decided not to use it. Ireland Engineering sells it for $495 + tax & shipping. I'll sell it for $100 + shipping. Includes a very hard to find used water jacket housing for the underside. This is used to pre-heat the intake for better atomization of the fuel. Give me your zip code and city and I will let you know the shipping cost. Most likely, shipping will be around $50, depending on where you are. Thanks, Rich Elliott Instagram: @lowkeybuilds
  8. This is actually a really good deal. I've seen these going for $500 on Ebay.
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