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  1. Rich Elliott

    License Plate Lights - OMG

    Count me in!
  2. Rich Elliott

    Introduction >> New 2002 Owner

    Hey Mike, Thanks! I got the '70 driving and have been having fun at Cars and Coffee and other events. It's been cool meeting and chatting with other local BMW nuts. I plan on trying to fix the pin rust holes behind the sunroof myself. My '70 2002 car is definitely NOT rust free. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression earlier. It just does not have the kind of structural rust that makes me afraid to jack it up and get underneath it like my '76 does. I'm planning out my winter time projects and want to get the roof pin holes and rust taken care of first. The roof and all of the related sun-roof components of my '76 are rust free, so I can use as many of those parts as I need. I'm trying to determine if I should skin my '70 and move everything over from the '76, or if I should just attempt the smaller project of sanding the rust on the interior ceiling, cutting out the rust holes and then fixing them. Tons of POR-15 on the interior roof would be included with this easier method. Can you point me in the direction of that column you were talking about? It would be greatly appreciated if you could do this. You could even e-mail it to me at richelliott99 at Anything you can do for me to help figure out how to fix these rust ceiling issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich Elliott p.s. If you are interested, I have setup a new Instagram accounting, showing more photos of my build. You can see it at:
  3. Rich Elliott

    Introduction >> New 2002 Owner

    Thanks man! I've since updated my avatar and bought a few things from Connor. He lives about 3 miles from my house, has a ton of stuff and is super awesome to work with. I also setup a new Instagram account about my build, if you are interested.... Thanks, Rich Elliott
  4. Rich Elliott

    Sheet metal (with whole car)

    Hello. My name is Rich Elliott and I am interested. I am in Portland. I will PM you. Thanks.
  5. Rich Elliott

    Door Hinge washer quantity 12 8 mm thick $10 shipped to US

    I'll bite. Need to try to get my doors to close better.... sending PM right now.
  6. Rich Elliott

    Door Hinge washer quantity 12 8 mm thick $10 shipped to US

    Does replacing these help an old door close better?
  7. Rich Elliott

    Bric-a-brac: 2002 e10, e30

    PM sent to find shipping for front and rear window seals
  8. Okay, Thanks! I will check all of these things and report back.
  9. With the help of a friend, I just finished swapping in the engine, transmission, and drive train from my '76 2002 into my '70 2002. Short Video Here: Couple of questions: The red fan is hitting the radiator, making all kinds of ruckus. When turning is by hand, it does not hit the radiator... only when the engine is running. Radiator and fan are old and both are stock. Any recommendations? Seems like the fan flexes out when the engine is running. Do I just need a new fan? Different radiator? Steel fan? Thanks!
  10. Rich Elliott

    Euro turn signals/ash trays

    E-mail sent to get the single left hand turn signal. I'll roll the dice and see if I can get a right hand side one down the road.... ;--)
  11. Rich Elliott

    Euro turn signals/ash trays

    PM and e-mail sent. 😀
  12. Rich Elliott

    '76 '02...?

    My '70 is like that. Just bought a new rear panel directly from BMW and it just arrived from Germany. Hopefully, I will have it installed soon.
  13. Rich Elliott

    BMW 2002 Differentials Guide

    Can diffs from the E30 be used? I'm looking at a 320i from 1986. Thanks, Rich