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  1. great info..!!.. Now I need to get a loan to buy em..!!
  2. I've searched, & I can't seem to find the info I think I need... I want to replace the window seals on both doors... The ones at the bottom of the window, that keep water from going down into the door... Ours are very dry & cracked.. inside & out... I need some guidance/wisdom from someone who has gone down this road before me..!! Also, the seals that the glass closes against at the top.. we have a slight whistle on both sides... Any advice/info is greatly appreciated... Thanks...
  3. Also, solder the terminals on to the new cable... not just a crimp... Wouldn't hurt to (maybe overkill) to run the ground all the way up to the engine block as well... my .02¢... Nike
  4. Hey all... The high beams on our '02 don't work... Are they supposed to click on & off by pulling on the lever..??.. Or is that just to flash them..??.. Thanks...
  5. Looking for a passenger side mirror... Do you have one..?? Thanks... Nike
  6. Hey there... How about a passenger side mirror..?? Thanks... Nike
  7. Bigger pic of the engine compartment...
  8. Sorry... More info would be good huh..?? '76 02... Weber conversion... Not sure about the 'US spec'... Thanks
  9. Found this while I had the air cleaner housing off... Not sure what is was/is... The 1/2" or so one coming up that is open... any ideas..??.. Thanks...
  10. Some sort of 'dashpot'..??.. Does not seem to have anything contact it... Advice..?? Thanks
  11. Cleaned up the air filter housing, & put in a new air filter... Adjusted the air/fuel... runs much better now..!!..

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